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Union of Concerned Scientists feature Andy Singer!

Conspirator Andy Singer’s work was just featured as the cartoon of the month in the Union of Concerned Scientists’ e-newsletter “The Pulse.”  Check it out HERE.  Congratulations, Andy!  And way to make a valuable statement about kinds of pollution we often overlook in the summertime, but shouldn’t.  On a related note, how excited are you to try Nice Ride MN, Minneapolis?  The program starts on Thursday.  Read all about it HERE.

If you like this, you might also enjoy the Union of Concerned Scientists’ annual wall calendar which includes 12 editorial cartoons and has featured the artwork of Kevin Cannon in its 2009 and 2010 publications.  Find “Science Idol: The Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest” cartoons and purchasing information on the UCSUSA website HERE.

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Lutefisk Sushi Mini-Comic Production Notes by Kevin Cannon

Local hero Kevin Cannon has a great article on mini-comics production over at the Big Time Attic blog in anticipation of Lutefisk Sushi Volume D (deadline for participation June 15th). Click the image to go there.

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Zander Cannon and myself (Maxeem) have officially initiated the fantasy book challenge – it’s the race to end our Giant Fantasy Epics before the lesser man.

You can follow the race here:

Zander Cannon‘s The Replacement God
Maxeem‘s Ex Novo Libris

I am publishing mine online as I finish each chapter in anticipation of any printed versions that follow – and also in anticipation of Zander finishing his most awesome of books – I mean … er … losing book! The latest of mine is available here at my new site – though I warn you it is not work/family friendly and as Steve Stwalley has helped me realize, it is extremely confusing unless you are quite into it from page 1. Give it a shot :

Only 200-300 pages in about 3 chapters to go!

After the race to end our fantasy epics ends, Kevin has initiated the race to grow a Z.Z.Top worthy beard.

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textDecember 27th – January 2nd will be….LOCAL COMICS WEEK!
Diamond Distribution, the biggest (and pretty much only) comics distributor will be taking a long winter’s nap that week and will not be shipping new comics…leaving comic fans without their weekly fix.
But not to worry, because as with a lot of comics, there are heroes to count on!  Those heroes,  ladies and gentlemen, are  US!
We will create and sell our own comics and provide the city with comic books and save the planet once and for all! 
Here’s the plan:  Big Brain Comics has generously allowed the Conspiracy to take over their New Release racks for the week.  Customers who are looking for their weekly comics will be introduced to the world of  local comics.

Here’s the info: If you want to participate, have 20 copies of a mini comic printed by DECEMBER 3RD.  You can bring your comics to the jam that month or you can arrange to have them mailed to me by contacting me at  bob (at) The mini comic should have a cover price of $3.   Consignment details are still being worked out. 

The comics will be delivered to Big Brain on December 28th
and will go on sale the next day on December 30th (new comic day!)
The comics will be on sale until January 5th.   Any money made will be able to be picked up January’s jam on the 7th. 
If you want to participate, please contact me by NOVEMBER 15th. 

Thanks to Kevin Cannon for creating the logo for the event!


Pinewood Derby at Pink Hobo — THIS SATURDAY!

This post stolen from Local Hero Kevin Cannon at the Big Time Attic blog… note that you can still build a car for the show and bring it to the gallery to compete on Saturday.

Pink Hobo Pinewood Derby Show

I was never in Boy Scouts as a kid, but I would have considered joining had I known that they get to sit around and race cars all day. The only thing I had was Odyssey of the Mind competitions, where we had to use teamwork and teacher supervision to build a car to solve some sort of science problem. The only problem I wanted to solve was how to kick the competition’s ASS. And I wanted to do it ALONE.

That’s why the new show at Pink Hobo Gallery is so rewarding. Twenty years out of elementary school and I finally have a legitimate excuse to build and race a car. Granted, I ended up going the artsy-fartsy route and built a car with non-functioning wheels. But the rest of the cars will be racing. And there will be cheering. And screaming. And blood. Well, maybe not blood, but there will definitely be wine.


PLACE: Pink Hobo Gallery
ADDRESS: 507 East Hennepin Ave, Mpls, MN
DATE: Saturday, September 19, 2009
TIME: 7pm (Race starts at 10pm)

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Lutefisk Sushi Volume D? Featured Artist?

So far in the comments on the post the other day asking for suggestions on what to do as a follow up to BIG FUNNY for next year’s Conspiracy show at Altered Esthetics, it has been unanimous for doing Lutefisk Sushi Volume D.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our three previous Lutefisk Sushi shows (A B C), they have featured the work of any Minnesota cartoonists who choose to participate (we had 50 last time). The shows are focused around a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened box stuffed full of mini-comics by Minnesota artists.

Whatever form the next show ends up taking, we are looking to have some other folks get involved in putting it together. Email Local Hero Kevin Cannon at Kevin at to volunteer your services.

Each Sushi show has also had a featured artist. We want to figure out who this will be for next year pretty quick so we can feature their work on next year’s Altered Esthetics calendar. Any cartoonist planning on participating in the show can nominate any Minnesota cartoonist they wish to. To do so, email me (webmaster at their name, and ideally their email address, sometime before August 25th. Please use the header “SUSHI NOMINATION” in your email. I’ll contact the artist, if possible, and see if they are interested. If I can’t contact them, I’ll let you know. We will vote on the  nominated artists who are interested in the near future to determine which one will be the featured artist in the show.

If you think Lutefisk Sushi Volume D is a terrible idea and have another suggestion, now is the time to bring it up in the comments below.

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City Pages Third Annual Comix Issue: The Meaning of Minnesota Nice

The third annual City Pages Comix Issue will be out today at a coffee shop near you… as usual, it features the work of many members of the Twin Cities Cartoonist Conspiracy, including the above image by Local Hero Kevin Cannon. This year’s theme is “Minnesota Nice.” Cartoons are already online for those of you who can’t wait to see it in print.


BIG FUNNY Reviewed on Optical Sloth, Plus Photos From the Hanging

BIG FUNNY has just been reviewed at Optical Sloth. Read it here.

It’s a remarkable achievement, and if anybody is going to be in Minneapolis on August 7th you should click that website for details on picking up a copy. If you get one there, it’s a measly $5 for this beast. If not you’ll have to pay for shipping, which just about doubles the price, but this thing is utterly unique in the comics world and worth the expense. I’m old enough to remember pulling the funnies out of the Sunday paper, spreading them out on the ground, laying down to read them and have them actually be funny.

Also… a photo preview of the show from editor and Local Hero Kevin Cannon on the Big Time Attic Blog!

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BIG FUNNY Website Updated

Go check it out!

Thanks much to Local Hero Kevin Cannon for building the website.

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BIG FUNNY Postcard

Here is a preview of the postcard for our upcoming BIG FUNNY show (opening August 7th). The gorgeous art is by Zander Cannon, and the design is by Local Hero Kevin Cannon and myself. The art is from the header of the newspaper, and includes Zander’s interpretations of characters from all 45 strips in the paper, I believe. We should have postcards available at the next Conspiracy jam meeting on July 2nd for everyone to help distribute everywhere (although not by the artist pot-luck this weekend, unfortunately… participating artists, check your email for info on that).

We go to press this week! I can’t wait to hold a copy in my mitts!

Note that there is still time to participate in our little funny sideshow! All submissions to that will be included in the show.

Click the images below to see larger versions.

Note that

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