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Twin Cities Zine Fest this Saturday the 24th!





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7000 BC at Local Comics Pop-up at Big Adventure Comics / April Meeting

Local Comics Pop-up at Big Adventure Comics | Saturday, April 9 | 1:00 | Big Adventure Comics | Santa Fe, NM

7000 BC members will be a part of the independent comics sale at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe on Saturday, April 9 starting at 1:00. New Mexico-based writers and artists will be selling their creator-owned books and talking about how they work.

Big Adventure Comics has commissioned a Star Wars’ Rey drawing from Michael Ellis — raffle tickets are free, one per customer, available when the store opens. The raffle will take place at the end of the event, at 4:00, and the winner must be present.

It will also be 7000 BC’s April meeting, there will be business conducted later in the afternoon.

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Comic Book Garage Sale Today Only!!!

I just went and got some great books!  Texas Chainsaw Samurai!!  Woo hoo!!!

From the craigslist ad.

“I am hosting a comic book Garage Sale on June 21st 2014. It will run from 9 AM -5 PM. The collection will include a large variety of Marvel, DC, Image, and other indies. The prices will range from .25 to $2.00 per book. There are lots of titles and some complete runs. There is something for all comic collectors at this garage sale so check it out! The place will be at 1219 40th Ave NE, Col. Heights, MN. 55421”

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Super Haters #481

Super Hungry part one

The first in a six page story I collaborated with Nick Marino on is available to now consume.


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Super Haters featuring NE Minneapolis cartoonist!

Super Haters

Please check out the trailer for the six page strip that Nick Marino and I collaborated on.  A new page will post daily beginning tomorrow!


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Lor’Avvu — New ongoing series by local artist Maxeem

Hello fellow cartoonists! I am finally tip-toeing into the world of web comics.

I am not abandoning The Civil Four (Casey and I are actually working on issues 5 and 6 right now, and those will be paper printed because it fits the book) but I am starting something else — I did my take on epic space opera (Ex Novo Libris) and this will be a less tongue-in-cheek epic fantasy comic. It’s a web comic with interspersed animations and collaborations from musicians:

Meet Avvu!

external Avvu PNG image clickable space age hyperlink

Avvu is an intersexed hero on a large Earth-like planet undergoing a vast war between its three main genders (female, lale, male), and naturally the main character wants to stop the gender war but has to spend a lifetime of adventures learning the lessons on just how to do so … or whether ze can do it at all! We begin the story outside the story, on Earth, listening to a couple of old creative grandparents begin the tale for their village kids.

Grandma and Grandpa are promising magic, adventure, unique races (the main race is basically a fairy people) and unique languages particular to the world. I am putting a lot of effort into making it rewarding for people who spend time exploring it, but quality enough to just entertain the eyes. So please feel free to read it casually or in-depth. (It is at and also accessible from Current chapter is updated every Tuesday. And you have my word on that. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it but I estimate about 10 to 20 years.

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1987 BBC Documentary About R. Crumb

Hello. Mike “Brain Food” Toft here. I just watched this BBC documentary about R. Crumb from 1987 that’s worth a look. Crumb wrote it himself, so I assume it’s showing him the way he wanted to be shown.

It’s not that much new information if you’ve seen “Crumb” (1994), but still worth checking out. This Open Culture web site looks interesting, too. You’re welcome.

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The Bicycle Cartoon Show, June 8, 7pm Black Dog Cafe, Saint Paul

The Bike Comics Show on June 8 at 7pm at Black Dog Cafe in Saint Paul

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SPROUTS Preview: “Carob”

A page of “Carob” by Glynnis Fawkes, from Trees & Hills’ new food-themed anthology Sprouts:

"Carob" page 1 by Glynnis Fawkes

Pre-order our new food-themed anthology Sprouts by May 13 to get it signed, sketched, and shipped for free! Tell your friends! (seriously, it’s a big help)

Transcript of comic: Read more

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SPROUTS Preview: “Squarecat Comics”

A “Squarecat Comic” by Jennifer Omand, from Trees & Hills’ new food-themed anthology Sprouts:

Squarecat Comic by Jennifer Omand

Pre-order our new food-themed anthology Sprouts by May 13 to get it signed, sketched, and shipped for free! Pre-orders increase our first print run – get your copy now and help us cut down on trips to the printer! Tell your friends! (seriously, it’s a big help)

Transcript of comic: Read more

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