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Danno Still Talks To Cartoonists…

Remember Danno Klonowski? He used to draw comics and and interview cartoonists on the LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST? Well, he’s still not drawing comics, but he has been talking to cartoonists again lately on his WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR podcast, including: MIKE DAWSON (ANGIE BONGIOLATTI, TROOP 142), PETE SICKMAN-GARNER (HEY, MISTER!, COME HELL OR HIGHWATER PANTS), ZANDER CANNON (HECK, KAIJUMAX), and ALEX ROBINSON (TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN, BOX OFFICE POISON).  Please enjoy!





Lutefisk Sushi Artists’ Discussion and Jam this Saturday (November 17th)

Artists’ Discussion:
Saturday, November 17th 1pm-3pm
This month our usual ‘artist discussion’ is being transformed into a comics jam with the International Cartoonist Conspiracy! Come join some of the participating artists for a comics jam (anyone can participate who wishes) and some casual discussion about the project or anything else. Bring your favorite drawing tools.

Lutefisk Sushi Volume E Opens this Friday! (November 2nd)

Above image by Lutefisk Sushi Volume E featured artist Zander Cannon.

Spread the word! The Lutefisk Sushi Volume E opening is this Friday!

Lutefisk Sushi Volume E is a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened bento box of mini-comics created by over 35 Minnesota cartoonists (the boxes will be sold for $25 each… which is well under a buck a comic). It is the fifth set in an ongoing series started in 2004. The opening reception for the release of LSE is this Friday, November 2nd, at Altered Esthetics gallery from 7PM to 10PM. More information can be found here.

Ask Not What Your Conspiracy Can Do for You… Call for Volunteers for Lutefisk Sushi Volume E Project

We are looking for a few more volunteers to help us put our upcoming Lutefisk Sushi Volume E event together (reminder… deadline this Saturday September 15th!). Specifically, we are looking for:

– A person to help promote the event online, ideally someone who digs using the social networking stuff the kids seem to like using these days.
– A person to help make signs for the event
– A person to coordinate food for the event

We’ll also want additional help with collating the boxes when the time comes… but it is usually pretty easy to find people for that.

Thanks for considering helping out.

To volunteer, please contact lmcginty(at)

Lutefisk Sushi Volume E Deadline in Less Than Two Weeks!

The Lutefisk Sushi Volume E Deadline is in Less Than Two Weeks!

And, gee… that is really more than enough time to get something together! We’re not building the freaking Taj Mahal, here! I’ve seen mini-comics masterpieces drawn and printed in under eight hours! What the hell are you freaking out about? Don’t make me slap you! I swear, I’ll do it!

We want your mini-comics!*

To participate:
-Draw, print and deliver 160 copies of a mini-comic (any format) to Altered Esthetics before September 15th.
-Show up for the opening gallery celebration November 2nd at Altered Esthetics and have a good time.

That’s it. All submissions are accepted until the unlikely event that we can no longer cram them into a box. Every person who submits 160 mini-comics gets a box.**

Lutefisk Sushi is a hand-silkscreened, limited-edition box set of Minnesota mini-comics. This is the fifth edition… previous editions have contained between 35 and 55 comics each. This year’s featured artist and box-cover creator is Eisner-Award-winning cartoonist Zander Cannon (Double Barrel, Top 10, Chainsaw Vigilante).

Read more about submission details here.

* You must be Minnesotan to particiapte.
** limit one per artist regardless of number of works submitted, and artists who team to create a comic must share a box

Suit Up, then Sushi Up

The next Lutefisk Sushi E meeting will be held at Ae on Wednesday, August 15, at 8:30 pm, immediately after Suit Up–so why not go to both?

DRAW volunteer models in a variety of costumes and poses! SEE Lupi wear something embarrassing! PLAN Lutefisk Sushi with us! Achieve awesomeness!

Altered Esthetics is a non-profit art gallery located in Northeast Minneapolis.
1224 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Lutefisk Sushi E Planning

Planning is underway for Lutefisk Sushi E, and we could use a couple more volunteers! If you want to be part of the planning process, come to our next meeting on Wednesday August 1, at 9pm at Altered Esthetics. If you can’t make the meeting, but still want to help, email me at lmcginty[at] and I’ll give you something to do.

Altered Esthetics is a non-profit art gallery located in Northeast Minneapolis.
1224 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Lutefisk Sushi E call for minis!

Lutefisk Sushi E is coming this fall! Want to participate? Yes! I know you do. All Minnesota artists are invited to submit work. Here are the guidelines. All you have to do is follow them, and turn in your mini-comics by September 15, 2012. If you aren’t already familiar with Lutefisk Sushi, visit to see its previous incarnations.

How to participate

1. Make a mini-comic. (See specs below)

2. Make 160 consistent copies of your mini-comic.

3. You will need to fill out a submission form AND a contract. First, go to, click the “Open Call for Artwork” link on the right hand side of the page, and fill out the form. You will need to submit a jpeg of your comic–this can be a photo of your comic, or a scan of the cover. Next, download the exhibition contract (, read it, and fill it out. If you have any trouble with the form or contract, please email

4. Deliver or mail your contract and mini-comics to: Altered Esthetics, 1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 no later than Saturday, September 15, 2012.

5. If you want to show off your original art in the Lutefisk Sushi E exhibition at Altered Esthetics, drop it off by Saturday, October 27, 2012. Artwork must be wired and ready to hang! No glass, please. Be sure to label your artwork with the title, your name, and price.

6. Bring all your friends to the opening reception on Friday, November 2, and the artists’ discussion on Saturday, November 17.

Mini-comic specs:

Your mini-comic must be 5.5 x 8.5″ or smaller, in order to fit in the box, and must tell some kind of sequential story. We encourage creative and unusual formats as long as they fit in the box, but we ask that all submissions be at least a couple pages in length. (ie, don’t be lame–our readers will be paying money for reading material, so don’t give them postcards or advertisements.)
Not sure how to put a mini-comic together? Check out this handy guide by the Cartoonist Conspiracy:

Participants will receive one free Lutefisk Sushi E box per submission. We welcome collaboration! However, since supplies are limited, participants working with a friend or a team to produce a mini-comic will receive one box to share. If each participant wants a box, they will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

If you have questions about participation, please contact Lupi –

Zander Cannon is the Featured Artist for Lutefisk Sushi Volume E!

Few people realize that Zander Cannon is actually only eight inches tall!

We voted the other week to pick who would be the featured artist for Lutefisk Sushi Volume E, and Zander Cannon won in a close race (thanks to everyone who participated). Congratulations Zander! Zander, if you do not know, is an Eisner-Award winning cartoonist whose best-known work includes The Replacement God, Top Ten, Smax, and numerous non-fiction graphic novels with his partner Kevin Cannon at Big Time Attic. Zander has around 20 years of professional cartooning under his belt… it is going to be hard to pick what pieces to feature in the exhibit. Next year will also be the debut of Zander’s wonderful romp into Hell, Heck! from Top Shelf Comix.

Lutefisk Sushi Volume E will be debuting November 2012 at Altered Esthetics gallery in Nordeast Minneapolis. As with the four previous Lutefisk Sushi shows it will feature a big, limited-edition bento box of handmade mini-comics by Minnesota cartoonists. The cover will be hand-silkscreened with a design by Zander Cannon. Any resident of Minnesota is welcome to contribute their mini-comics to be included in the box… watch this site for details.