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Superheroes, Strip Artists & Talking Animals Review

I just ran across a thoughtful review of Britt Aamodt’s recent book Superheroes, Strip Artists & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists here.

You can order the book here.

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BIG FUNNY A-Listed in City Pages, Reviewed in Amy Crehore’s Little Hokum Rag

BIG FUNNY was just A-Listed in this week’s City Pages…read it here.

Also, Painter extraordinaire Amy Crehore just reviewed us on her wonderful Little Hokum Rag blog. Read it here.

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BIG FUNNY Reviewed on Optical Sloth, Plus Photos From the Hanging

BIG FUNNY has just been reviewed at Optical Sloth. Read it here.

It’s a remarkable achievement, and if anybody is going to be in Minneapolis on August 7th you should click that website for details on picking up a copy. If you get one there, it’s a measly $5 for this beast. If not you’ll have to pay for shipping, which just about doubles the price, but this thing is utterly unique in the comics world and worth the expense. I’m old enough to remember pulling the funnies out of the Sunday paper, spreading them out on the ground, laying down to read them and have them actually be funny.

Also… a photo preview of the show from editor and Local Hero Kevin Cannon on the Big Time Attic Blog!

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BIG FUNNY reviewed on Drawn!

BIG FUNNY has been reviewed on Drawn by Ape Lad (aka Adam Koford)go read it here.

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BIG FUNNY reviewed at Newsarama

BIG FUNNY has been reviewed on Newsarama… go read it here.

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BIG FUNNY: Poopsheet & Pre-order

BIG FUNNY’s first review is online at Poopsheet Foundation! Click logo to read it:

Can’t make it to the gallery opening at Altered Esthetics on August 7th but want to grab a copy of BIG FUNNY? You can now pre-order a copy (limit one per customer at this point) on the BIG FUNNY website.

Just click here and then scroll down until you see the purchase button:

If you don’t have a paypal account, you can use a credit card.

The massive, 48 page BIG FUNNY newspaper is $5. If you’re pre-ordering one we tack on $5.95 for shipping & handling. Pre-ordered copies will ship out August 7th, 2009.

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Hot Ink Reviewed

Here is a nice review by Britt Aamodt of the Hot Ink show currently on display at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul.

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Lutefisk Sushi Volume B and C Reviews

The Read Comics blog has started reviewing comics from Lutefisk Sushi Volume B and C. Two so far, of David Steinlicht’s All Small and Galideous’ Tatorvengers. Go check ’em out and comment for more!

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More Press for Kevin Cannon and Far Arden

Here is more press for Kevin Cannon and his graphic novel Far Arden that he recently printed 100 copies of… note that Far Arden can be read in its entirety online here.

The Broken Frontier Interview I posted the other day now has the second part up.

Far Arden is reviewed at Kleefeld on Comics here.

Note that if you are in Minneapolis and you want a copy, I’d buy it soon at the Lutefisk Sushi show at Altered Esthetics. There aren’t many left.

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Another review for MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 2: MUSCLIER AND FIGHTIER is up at AintItCool
( .

Its perhaps the nicest and most complimentry and sincere thing I think I’ve ever read.

Congrats go out to Bud and Amado(and all the artists on the project).

Theres still time to be a part of MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 3: MUSCLIEST AND FIGHTIEST!!!
Check out for more details.
and be sure to enter the MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 3 logo contest!

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