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7000 BC at Indie Comics Sale at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe / December Meeting

Indie Comics Sale at Big Adventure Comics | Saturday, December 12 | 1:00 | Big Adventure Comics | Santa Fe, NM

7000 BC members will be a part of the independent comics sale at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe on Saturday, December 12 starting at 1:00. New Mexico-based writers and artists will be selling their creator-owned books and talking about how they work.

This is a great opportunity to support local talent and to connect with people making comics.

It will also be 7000 BC’s December meeting, there will be business conducted later in the afternoon.

Springcon is in less than two weeks! (May 19&20) Help promote it!

Springcon is coming up fast! The friendly folks at the Midwest Comic Book Association put on a heck of a fun show, do yourself a favor and check it out. This year they have over 225 guest creators… all of which are generously given free table space to join the fun.

I whipped up some graphics below using images from old comic books for folks to use to help promote Springcon… put them on your blog, social network or what have you to help get the word out… and link them here. See you at Springcon!

MIX Links

This morning I was sent a link to an huge quantity of interviews with exhibitors at last month’s delightful MIX convention by Fancy Pants Gangsters. You can check them out here.

That made me realize I don’t believe I have yet posted a link to Tom Spurgeon’s amazing and enormous MIX link roundup at the Comics Reporter. You can check that out here.

Get your mini-comics ready… only 23 months until the next MIX!

Andy Singer’s Fruit Sticker Art Show

Conspirator Andy Singer has a show coming up this weekend of his Fruit Sticker Art… here’s the info:

I will be in a small show of Fruit Sticker Art at The West 7th Street Mississippi Market Coop From November 14th until December 14th. The show includes work by 3 artists– myself, Andrea McCormack and Richard Carlson. It’s a fun show, made entirely of fruit stickers.

Mississippi Market is located at–
1500 West 7th Street (near Otto)
Saint Paul, MN 55102
and is open daily from 8am until 9pm.

There will be a brief “buy-your-own-food” opening reception where you can meet and eat with the artists from 2-3pm, Sunday, November 14th.
Come eat some fruit!

Because Steve Asked Me Post This…

Three things…


The St Cloud Area/Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy will be meeting tomorrow in the VAS Littlecrow Main Studio at 12287 15th Avenue, NW, Rice MN. 320-492-0475 from 5pm to 8pm. Call 320-492-0475 or email for directions, because Google Maps WILL fail you. I am working with Thom S. (not to be confused with my sidekick slave-boy thom at the VAS Littlecrow New Hope Studio) to bring the meeting to a less remote location. Wish us luck.


I will debuting a new performance art piece at Patrick’s Cabaret. It’s going to involve cartooning, me making fun of anime and I’ll probably dress like a strumpet.

Dates 10 September 2010 and 11 September 2010
Time 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
Location 3010 Minnehaha Ave
Necessary Hazards of Being/Open Call Cabaret

Sylvia Shourek- Dance
Robert Baril- Comedy
Bob Ronson- Monologue/Mixed Media
Alanna Morris- Dance
The Nerk Twins- Comedy/Mixed Media
Vas Littlecrow- Performance Art

For ticket info go to the box office:


Buy them for $8 by calling 320-492-0475 or emailing me at

3. Could you please buy Bahktale Vasquez Hates Camello #1 and #2 at IndyPlanet?  Issue #3 is coming soon, and will be making its official debut at Fallcon.  Thank you kindly.