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New animated video by cartoonist Maxeem

Hello Cartoonist Friends! In case I haven’t met you, I tend to try to jam at the Minneapolis event when I am in town. I now live in Sedona (where, of course, I must start some kind of cartoonist cel(l)!)

For those unaware, I’ve been spending 5 years building up a web comic with the help of many many (mostly audio) contributors. Now, at long last, it is my honor to present our latest culmination: a new video — just released today!

The fantasy story is now told in the following order …

Introduction Comic (18 pages – first published in 2014) :

Prelude (NEW animated movie) (Which takes place between chapters) (runtime: 16min 24sec)

Chapter 1 (61+ pages – ongoing publication – latest update today) :

Please enjoy, and if you like it, feel free to share.


Lor’Avvu — New ongoing series by local artist Maxeem

Hello fellow cartoonists! I am finally tip-toeing into the world of web comics.

I am not abandoning The Civil Four (Casey and I are actually working on issues 5 and 6 right now, and those will be paper printed because it fits the book) but I am starting something else — I did my take on epic space opera (Ex Novo Libris) and this will be a less tongue-in-cheek epic fantasy comic. It’s a web comic with interspersed animations and collaborations from musicians:

Meet Avvu!

external Avvu PNG image clickable space age hyperlink

Avvu is an intersexed hero on a large Earth-like planet undergoing a vast war between its three main genders (female, lale, male), and naturally the main character wants to stop the gender war but has to spend a lifetime of adventures learning the lessons on just how to do so … or whether ze can do it at all! We begin the story outside the story, on Earth, listening to a couple of old creative grandparents begin the tale for their village kids.

Grandma and Grandpa are promising magic, adventure, unique races (the main race is basically a fairy people) and unique languages particular to the world. I am putting a lot of effort into making it rewarding for people who spend time exploring it, but quality enough to just entertain the eyes. So please feel free to read it casually or in-depth. (It is at and also accessible from Current chapter is updated every Tuesday. And you have my word on that. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it but I estimate about 10 to 20 years.

Mini-Comics Day Comic by Maxeem

I unfortunately did not pace myself well today – either getting up in the morning or actually plotting the comic – but I will have you know I officially finished the print-ready PDF at 11:55pm – well before the midnight deadline. 😀

And the inking was done back at 6pm – I just got caught up in hippie-style singing and drinking party at the place I call home. Blah blah, suffice to say I am late. But better than never. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Click to view

Ex Novo Libris is done

It was my birthday yesterday – I turned 28. And I may have just completed the weirdest comic book ever. Will you take a look?

It’s the last chapter of that strange comic you read a while back that involves Jesus, ancient China, furries and other horrifying concepts.

It is quite possibly the opposite of the most important comic book ever created – but therein lies the irony. I hope you appreciate it.

ENL Book 1 – buy it!



At long last, the first half of the epic is in its final printed version. This includes all 6 issues of my first comic book ever, which I started in high school. If you missed where Maxeem came from, this is a good starter. If you are already a fan/nemesis, here is an opportunity to get a personal copy and study my bizarre thought process!

Come by my little station at MIX to hold, touch and smell a copy of the book in person.

Civil Four Book Tour! Saturday June 5 @ Big Brain

All your favorite L.A. and Bay Area comic retailers now carry the first issue of Maxeem and Casey Van Heel’s newly minted book The Civil Four #1.
Civil Four issue

And this SATURDAY, JUNE 5 from 5 – 7pm Maxeem will be in person at famous Big Brain Comics introducing, selling and signing the beautiful pamphlet.

Those appearing in good period costume will obviously receive a free copy.
Period costume

But if you can’t afford looking ultra-retro, the book is a very affordable $4

Ex Novo Libris: Book 2: The Invention of the Microscope: Part IV: Farewell, L’il Blue

At long last, I have finished the tenth installment to my sci-fi/parody/slapstick/horror/gothic/fantasy/philosophy/satire epic … and it clocks in at 49 pages.

This one is about the end of the world, so if you haven’t read any of the previous issues you may want to, to fully enjoy the horror.

Ex Novo Libris Part 10

Lotta words in this. Wordy McWorderson over here. Ah, the forgiving nature of comics. Hopefully.

This is the second-to-last book of the entire series, so now – perhaps – I am finally around Zander Cannon’s place in his book, if it’s true that he only needs one more story to finish his epic. Hmmm!

The Civil Four: Death of a Nation Part 1

Cover of the Civil Four

CIVIL FOUR: The Comic Book

Western Culture-based cartoonist Maxeem (Commune, Ex Novo Libris) and New York comedy pioneer Casey Van Heel (The Jerk Practice) have teamed up to create and publish a thrilling tongue-in-cheek science fiction adventure comic called The Civil Four, which does not feature a cover by Kevin Cannon (Far Arden). The official book release is not planned for any particular time, but when it does come out, we will certainly have tee-shirts.

The Civil Four tells the story of those affected by interdimensional space treachery! Can Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, the ghost of Benjamin Franklin trapped in his own key, U.S. Grant and Johnny Appleseed reconcile their altered continuity before its too late? The Civil Four: Death of a Nation is a typical American-sized comic that comes in at just under 30 pages, with no spectacular full-color wrap around cover illustrated so jaw-droppingly beautifully by Kevin Cannon.

However, if you are interested, we do have a trailer you may find ironically dramatic:

Oh no the Klangsmen are out of control