Zander Cannon and myself (Maxeem) have officially initiated the fantasy book challenge – it’s the race to end our Giant Fantasy Epics before the lesser man.

You can follow the race here:

Zander Cannon‘s The Replacement God
Maxeem‘s Ex Novo Libris

I am publishing mine online as I finish each chapter in anticipation of any printed versions that follow – and also in anticipation of Zander finishing his most awesome of books – I mean … er … losing book! The latest of mine is available here at my new site – though I warn you it is not work/family friendly and as Steve Stwalley has helped me realize, it is extremely confusing unless you are quite into it from page 1. Give it a shot :

Only 200-300 pages in about 3 chapters to go!

After the race to end our fantasy epics ends, Kevin has initiated the race to grow a Z.Z.Top worthy beard.

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