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RIP Nick Post

I just heard news that the great, great Nick Post passed away Friday:

RIP Dominic Postiglione

There was no bigger supporter of the Minneapolis cartooning community than Nick. If you’ve ever had a free table at Fallcon or Springcon, you can thank Nick. If you’ve ever had the Source buy ten of your comics sight unseen, you can thank Nick. Many of the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s projects would not have been possible without his support… for one example, the Midwest Comic Book Association and The Source funded the vast majority of the BIG FUNNY project under Nick’s influence. Nick was incredibly generous and incredibly genuine. He was a retailer, but he never stopped being a comic fan. Boy, will he ever be missed.

Postiglione, Dominic J. “Nick Post” Age 52, of St. Paul. Passed away too soon on Aug-ust 8, 2014. Survived by beloved son, Adam; parents, Bill and Judy “Eunice”; siblings, Gaby, Tony and Greg; many nieces, nephews, co-workers and minions. Nick was a larger than life Cretin grad, was active in the comic book world and a State Fair icon. Memorial service 11 AM Tuesday, August 12 at CORNERSTONE BIBLE CHURCH, 735 East 10th St., Hastings. Visitation at the church from 10-11 AM Tuesday. Nick, you are our real life Superman

Cartoonists in a Cave at Northern Spark 2013 (June 8th)

We’ve been invited by our friends at Rain Taxi to participate in their wonderful Analog Cave project at the Northern Spark festival coming up on June 8th. Participating cartoonists will be drawing interpretations of writings provided by strangers submitted thru a mail slot, which will then be projected, put online, printed and/or otherwise displayed.

So you can be included in the promotional materials, we need to know in advance if you want to participate and what time slots you want to be there for (which can be as short as a few hours or as long as all night from 6PM to 9AM). If you want to be in on the fun, let me know at webmaster(at)

BEER, PIZZA and DRAWING MATERIALS will be provided!

Rain Taxi and join forces to create a writer’s dream at Northern Spark, the third annual all-night art fest!

Analog Cave combines the tactile intimacy of a handwritten letter with the fleeting immediacy of social media. Throughout Northern Spark, and Rain Taxi Review of Books invite the public to enter our decked-out Imaginarium for a moment of private reflection and contribute a short text or illustration through a variety of analog tools and processes. The crowd-sourced content will undergo a real-time editorial process which will convert the entries into filmic projections, printed objects, drawn posters, or other public displays—all viewable from Bedlam’s street-side window in Lowertown. The goal of the project is to create a platform for thoughtful, slowed-down messages which leave behind a physical object.

Bedlam Theater
213 East 4th Street
Lowertown, St. Paul
Get directions HERE.

The Minnesota Cartoonist League Has a Facebook Page, Meets the Last Tuesday of Every Month

The Minnesota Cartoonist League, a cartooning group that has been around the Twin Cities even longer than us (since at least the eighties, I believe) now has a facebook page where you can stay current on what they are up to. They are meeting the last Tuesday of every month at O’Gara’s.

The Minnesota Cartoonist League is group of Minnesota based cartoonists. We meet on the last Tuesday of of every month at O’Gara’s Bar & Grill 164 Snelling Ave N St Paul, MN 55104

In March of 1941, James Freeman O’Gara opened the doors of this tavern providing a wholesome atmosphere for conversation and camaraderie. Initially food and liquor was served to the local residents who fought World War II at home by manufacturing supplies and munitions for those overseas. You could even get a haircut from Carl Schulz, whose son, Charles gained international fame with the cartoon strip “Peanuts.” Schulz’s original shop was located in what is now the Shamrock Room.