Lutefisk Sushi Volume D? Featured Artist?

So far in the comments on the post the other day asking for suggestions on what to do as a follow up to BIG FUNNY for next year’s Conspiracy show at Altered Esthetics, it has been unanimous for doing Lutefisk Sushi Volume D.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our three previous Lutefisk Sushi shows (A B C), they have featured the work of any Minnesota cartoonists who choose to participate (we had 50 last time). The shows are focused around a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened box stuffed full of mini-comics by Minnesota artists.

Whatever form the next show ends up taking, we are looking to have some other folks get involved in putting it together. Email Local Hero Kevin Cannon at Kevin at to volunteer your services.

Each Sushi show has also had a featured artist. We want to figure out who this will be for next year pretty quick so we can feature their work on next year’s Altered Esthetics calendar. Any cartoonist planning on participating in the show can nominate any Minnesota cartoonist they wish to. To do so, email me (webmaster at their name, and ideally their email address, sometime before August 25th. Please use the header “SUSHI NOMINATION” in your email. I’ll contact the artist, if possible, and see if they are interested. If I can’t contact them, I’ll let you know. We will vote on the  nominated artists who are interested in the near future to determine which one will be the featured artist in the show.

If you think Lutefisk Sushi Volume D is a terrible idea and have another suggestion, now is the time to bring it up in the comments below.

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