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Lutefisk Sushi Mini-Comic Production Notes by Kevin Cannon

Local hero Kevin Cannon has a great article on mini-comics production over at the Big Time Attic blog in anticipation of Lutefisk Sushi Volume D (deadline for participation June 15th). Click the image to go there.

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Comic Book Artists in Action Videos

Here are the videos Brian wanted to post here the other day.

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Comic Book Artists in Action

(via ) Videos of John Romita, Joe Kubert, John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Gibbons and Travis Charest doing what they do…drawing and inking. Check out the videos HERE, HERE and HERE.

note: I tried to post the videos here, but there are some issues with YouTube on the blog here.

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Random Generators

There you are at the Comic Jam and you have no idea what to draw and write. What do you do? Well if someone has access to the internet there are lots of resources to generate Random Stories and Ideas or you can print them out and take them to the group. These can really come in handy when doing the 24 hour comic book jam!

Evil Overlord Random Plot Generator – evil plots and what NOT to do.
Random Log-Line Generator: Random Story and Scene ideas. Example: A committee of nerdy art dealers gets endowed with superpowers or A fairy is secretly replaced by a superstitious cowboy in a factory.

digital propp: Proppian Fairy Tale Generator

When Vladimir Propp created his theories of structural analysis in the 1930’s it is unlikely that he foresaw the advent of the computing and information age, yet his concern with structure and the modularity of his construction of narrative anticipate that of computing models and languages today.

You have reached the Proppian Fairy Tale Generator, an experiment in electronic (re)writing and an exploration of the retranslation of modernist theory within the electronic environment.

Seventh Sanctum:

Here you’ll find tools for writers, gamers, and artists; randomly assembling names, concepts, and more for when you need inspiration, or just a bit of amusement.

Click here to check out the writing section, to get some new ideas.

Lee’s (useless) Superhero name Generator

50 Random Superhero Names (with secret id too).

So you want to be a hero?…All the answers are right here. Let Lee’s (Useless) Super-Hero Generator set you on the right track. Simply answer the questions on the form below and keep at it until you find the perfect name for yourself, your team, or your foe(s). Good luck, hero!

Behind the Name: random names by culture.

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Craig Thompson on creating ‘CARNET DE VOYAGE’

Craig Thompson (author of Blankets) has a post on his blog about creating his latest work Carnet De Voyage, drawn entirely in his sketchbook.

It’s pretty cool that technology (desk top publishing) allows us to draw our comics in so many different ways and you don’t need fancy art materials to do it.

Have any of you folks drawn a comic in your sketchbook? Comment below.

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