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Lutefisk Sushi Volume D? Featured Artist?

So far in the comments on the post the other day asking for suggestions on what to do as a follow up to BIG FUNNY for next year’s Conspiracy show at Altered Esthetics, it has been unanimous for doing Lutefisk Sushi Volume D.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our three previous Lutefisk Sushi shows (A B C), they have featured the work of any Minnesota cartoonists who choose to participate (we had 50 last time). The shows are focused around a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened box stuffed full of mini-comics by Minnesota artists.

Whatever form the next show ends up taking, we are looking to have some other folks get involved in putting it together. Email Local Hero Kevin Cannon at Kevin at to volunteer your services.

Each Sushi show has also had a featured artist. We want to figure out who this will be for next year pretty quick so we can feature their work on next year’s Altered Esthetics calendar. Any cartoonist planning on participating in the show can nominate any Minnesota cartoonist they wish to. To do so, email me (webmaster at their name, and ideally their email address, sometime before August 25th. Please use the header “SUSHI NOMINATION” in your email. I’ll contact the artist, if possible, and see if they are interested. If I can’t contact them, I’ll let you know. We will vote on the  nominated artists who are interested in the near future to determine which one will be the featured artist in the show.

If you think Lutefisk Sushi Volume D is a terrible idea and have another suggestion, now is the time to bring it up in the comments below.



'archie' COVERED by alex robinson
'archie' COVERED by alex robinson

     In addition to a shorter jam this month, we will also be taking part in the project where an artist does a recreation of a comic cover. ANY comic cover, not just the “classics” like AMAZING FANTASY #15 or something.

        The guidelines are pretty simple to follow if you want to submit your cover to be posted on the Covered blog (

     Bring one(or more) of your favorite covers to redo, or to share with the group (yes, everyone gets their comics back).  Other comics will be there to parooze as well if you forget to bring one.  11×17 paper will also be provided, but feel free to bring any kind of drawing surface you prefer.

The Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy meets at 6:30 until 10:00 the first Thursday of every month at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Northeast.

Generally, we draw collaborative “jam” comics, socialize and drink caffeinated beverages. Afterwords, we often have uncaffeinated beverages somewhere else.

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to draw with us, and the results are posted here sooner or later (and sometimes even printed).

Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe
1618 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bus info here.

Please spend some money at Diamond’s while you’re there, even if it is just a cuppa coffee… they are excellent hosts, and we wanna stay welcome there.

Big Time Attic

Big Time Attic hosts our monthly jam meetings at Diamond’s… they will be supplying us with a big old plate of pastries or something. Thanks fellas!

Want to Advertise in BIG FUNNY’s Classified Section?

Congratulations to the nearly fifty artists who made it into this summer’s BIG FUNNY newspaper and gallery show. We had over seventy outstanding submissions and it was very difficult to whittle it down. We usually like to be as inclusive as possible, but for this project the budget and limitations of printing an actual newspaper limited the amount of entries we could accept.

But there’s still a spot for people to get their name in lights: the classifieds!

The newspaper is going to press in a few weeks, and we’re looking for advertisements to throw in our CLASSIFIEDS section in the back of BIG FUNNY. You get 50 words for $20, and all proceeds go to helping the BIG FUNNY show exist — Altered Esthetics Gallery is a community-based nonprofit and can’t exist without your help!

Get all the details here.
Hurry, though — deadline is May 31

Participate in little funny: a BIG FUNNY Sideshow

little funny

little funny is intended as a prominent “sideshow” to the upcoming BIG FUNNY project. little funny will be a series of mini-comics sold in an old cigarette vending machine at Altered Esthetics during the month of the BIG FUNNY show. No entries will be rejected provided they follow the specs (these comics need to be a specific size to fit inside the boxes in the vending machine).


  1. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE. The template includes a little funny logo on the front and back covers. One double-sided copy makes three copies of a 10-page accordion style micro-comic (or, alternately, 3 different issues).
  2. Email us at webmaster (at) for an issue number. little funny will be a numbered series. Make sure to put your number on your comic. If you choose to do multiple issues, you’ll need a number for each different issue.
  3. Draw your comic. Make sure to sign your work and include your contact info on it if you want to.
  4. Make copies of it. Copy, fold and staple them.
  5. We request a minimum of 18 copies of each comic submitted (which is 6 double sided xeroxes). More is great, and you can send us as many as you wish. Mail your copies to:ALTERED ESTHETICS
    1224 Quincy St NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

    In addition to the comics please include your name, address, phone number and email address.



  • Each participant will receive one vending box of minis… how many minis are included in a box will depend on our level of participation. No box will contain all of the minis. Each participant will be responsible for picking up their box some time during the month of the show, or for making special arrangements if they can not attend.
  • Participants names will also appear on the BIG FUNNY website as being a part of the little funny show.
  • These comics can be by a single artist or be collaborative.
  • You can do as many issues as you wish… if you want to do more than one, just ask us for another number.
  • Comics may be color, or black and white, or on colored paper, or decorated with glitter glue, or painted or whatever the hell you want to do as long as you stick with the basic template.
  • Two sets of all the comics will be kept for the Conspiracy archives.
  • All proceeds from the comics will go to support the gallery, Altered Esthetics, which is a non-profit, community and artist centered gallery. You can read more about AE here.
  • Submissions will not be returned.

BIG FUNNY Deadline Passes… Need an Extension?

The BIG FUNNY deadline just passed at midnight, smelling of sweat, ink, and old newsprint! Kevin had a busy day of getting submissions in… we now have 50 of them! The paper is going to be nothing short of spectacular!

And we still want yours!

Not done yet? You’re not alone… there are a number of people whose submissions are really close but not completed. And some, well… maybe not so close, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. You too. We’ll give you one more week! That will be it, though, so don’t miss it!

Please note that submission does NOT guarantee inclusion. You will want to make sure to read the complete project specs and info here.

Please contact us if you are taking advantage of the extension… you can email me at webmaster (at)

Second Annual City Pages Comix Issue Out TODAY: When the Elephants Come to Town

Above: Tim Sievert‘s contribution to the Comix Issue.

The second annual City Pages Comix Issue that many Conspirators contributed to is out today! The theme was “When the Elephants Come to Town,” which is a reference to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul this year. Many items that did not fit in the issue were included online. The print issue will be all over the Twin Cities for the next week.

Among many other things, Kevin Cannon has contributed another one of his enormous, chicken-fat-filled cartoons:

Click the images to go to the City Pages Comix Issue, and see the above cartoon much, much larger!

Note that you can leave comments on the feature on the City Pages website here.

UPDATE: The City Pages Comix Issue was just featured in the Comics Reporter here.

Your Cartoons Wanted in The Cartoonist Conspiracy’s Flickr Gallery


I just set up a public image sharing group for us on the photo-sharing site flickr. A preview of images appear on the right side of our group blog and on the top of our gallery page. Anyone with a flickr account should be able to join the group and start posting.
Please Note that flickr has been known to shut down accounts that feature nothing but illustration for some unfathomable reason, so you will want to post some photos on your account when you start it to avoid this happening. Also, note that they don’t make images from an account public until you have four or five images posted.

We’re also going to have suggested topics for the gallery each month… we’ll vote on them on the message board after this month. Go here to suggest and vote on a topic for March. This month’s topic is UNDISCOVERED CRYPTIDS. It is only a suggested topic, though. Feel free to post images on that subject, or any other subject you wish.

In spite of its shortcomings, hopefully this will become a fun public gallery for the Conspiracy… I look forward to seeing your cartoons!

Muscles and Fights 2 Reviewed… Still Time to Submit Comics to Volume 3

Muscles and Fights 2, an anthology a number of Conspiracy folks are in (including me), was recently reviewed here. Muscles and Fights 3 is coming up soon… the deadline is January 15th. Visit the Muscles and Fights website to get the guidelines for submitting your work. Also, there is a contest for designing “The Guy” for the back cover.

Far Arden Chapter 12!

The latest chapter of Kevin Cannon’s epic story of arctic hero Armitage Shanks, Far Arden, is online… he has now passed the 288 pages in a year challenge I gave him late last year, and he is still going to do another chapter. Good thing I didn’t say I would eat my shoe or something. Kevin has vastly exceeded all expectations for what could be done with this project… it is one of my favorite comics of the last year, easily. Kevin hasn’t shopped this around to publishers yet, so if you are in the publishing game and looking for a future award winner, you may want to consider getting in line now.

Click here to start reading at chapter twelve.

Click here to start at the beginning.

Click here to read the 12-page bonus chapter, Eglinton Island.

Click here to read more about Kevin Cannon’s mad, mad project.

Click here to cheer Kevin on in his comments.