Want to Advertise in BIG FUNNY’s Classified Section?

Congratulations to the nearly fifty artists who made it into this summer’s BIG FUNNY newspaper and gallery show. We had over seventy outstanding submissions and it was very difficult to whittle it down. We usually like to be as inclusive as possible, but for this project the budget and limitations of printing an actual newspaper limited the amount of entries we could accept.

But there’s still a spot for people to get their name in lights: the classifieds!

The newspaper is going to press in a few weeks, and we’re looking for advertisements to throw in our CLASSIFIEDS section in the back of BIG FUNNY. You get 50 words for $20, and all proceeds go to helping the BIG FUNNY show exist — Altered Esthetics Gallery is a community-based nonprofit and can’t exist without your help!

Get all the details here.
Hurry, though — deadline is May 31

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