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Just Add Ink Meeting at Psycho Suzi’s Tomorrow (March 15th) at 9PM

Again, way too late notice… my apologies. Please, please do come and get involved if you are wanting to help get our cartoonist cookbook together for our Just Add Ink show at Altered Esthetics in August.

Agenda from Jamie:

Hello All,

Just a reminder that we’ve got a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 9:00pm, Psycho Suzi’s.

Preliminary Agenda
Decide roles
Decide on how submissions will work (Maybe a “Plan A” and “Plan B” depending on funding)
Talk about print processes and options (bring budgets and figures if you have any)
Website stuffs

Tuesday March 15th, 9:00pm – Psycho Suzi’s.

Action Items (from last meeting)
Everybody to look into the cost of printing various types of pages and books. (binders, etc.)
We can bring this information with us to the next meeting to make an educated decision.
Everybody think about roles and how you want to be involved.
Jamie to draft sponsorship level and create spreadsheet for sharing
Jamie will bring a few budget drafts to the next meeting
Danno to bake us all a cake

Some things to establish:
Submission guidelines
“Mini-grants” guidelines and budget (and checklist for Ae staff)
Distribution guidelines (This came up last time. 1 book per artist? Or 1 book per entry?)
What will go on the preliminary site (and who is creating it?)

Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!

New Dynamite Pilot for Fall-Con, MPLS

Hey All,

I’ll have a new issue of Dynamite Pilot for Fall-Con. You may ask, what’s new with the series? First and foremost, I’ve gone to ALL COLOR COMICS. No more black and white for me. I’ve even went back and colored Issue #1. The plot? Check out the cover (titillating, no?) and read the book. Pre-orders are being taken; 36 page Graphic Novel bound, full color, $10.

-Spanky Cermak

Dynamite Pilot Issue #2 Cover
Topless girl and a gun?! Sounds interesting...

Lutefisk Sushi Artists Potluck this Saturday, July 31st!

The participating artist potluck for Lutefisk Sushi (and little funny Series II) is this Saturday, July 31st from 1-3PM at Altered Esthetics. If you participated in either project, I hope to see you there.

Some things to note:

– You can pick up your contributor Lutefisk Sushi Volume D box at the potluck! Don’t forget to get your name checked off the list when you do.

– This is the deadline to drop off your framed art to hang for the show. Please bring some, if possible. More than one item is great… too much art to fit on the walls is a much better position to be in than not enough! Note that it is not a requirement that the art you display be from your comic in the Sushi box.

– This is the deadline for dropping off your issues of little funny. There is still time to make one! Email me if you need a number:

– Pick up promotional Lutefisk Sushi Volume D postcards to distribute.

– Don’t forget to remind your friends, blog readers, co-workers, parents, cousins, casual associates, and random people on the street that the Lutefisk Sushi opening is Friday, August 6th from 7 – 10 PM! Promotional materials below.

– Bring one item of food… it is a potluck!

Postcard Resources!

Postcard front, small jpg

Postcard front, large pdf

Postcard back, small jpg

Postcard back, large pdf

Misc Show Sites

Sushi Website

Facebook Event

LSD – Facebook website

We Need a Name for the Comic Cookbook show

I know it seems awfully early, seeing as we haven’t even had the opening for Lutefisk Sushi Volume D yet (opening August 6th… potluck this Saturday for participants), but Altered Esthetics is printing their calendar for next year soon, so we need a catchy title for the comic cookbook show we will be putting on there next year. Local Hero Kevin Cannon has generously volunteered to draw something for the calendar. We need something quick, so make some suggestions in the comments and let’s get it figured out. Possibilities so far:

The Comic Cookbook
Just Add Ink
Culinary Comics
The Gourmet Cartoonist
Gastronomical Giggles
Gag Comics: A Cartoon Cookbook

Please only participate in this discussion if you plan to participate in the show. Note that this will not be a regional show, and cartoonists from all over the world are encouraged to participate.

little funny Deadline Extended to July 31st

While we have had a great amount of participation in the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D box, the amount of submissions for little funny Volume II has been pretty disappointing thus far. So… we are extending the deadline to July 31st.

It is extremely easy and fun to participate (it really only takes a few hours to make one, especially if you just make a sketchbook out of stuff that you have lying around gathering dust). Please help make this part of the show as cool as it should be!

More info on little funny and participating can be found here.

Do You Feel a little funny?

Over 50 Minnesota cartoonists made the deadline for Lutefisk Sushi Volume Dyou can see the list of contributors here (note if you contributed and do not see your name on that list, please let us know).

Whether or not you made that deadline, there is another way you can participate in the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D show. The show will also include a vending machine filled with boxes of teeny-tiny minicomics, and you do not even have to live in Minnesota to make one!

little funny series II is intended as a prominent “sideshow” to the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D project. little funny is a series of mini-comics sold in an old cigarette vending machine at Altered Esthetics. The first series was compiled in conjunction with the BIG FUNNY show in 2009.

The deadline for participation is JULY 22nd.

Read more about how to participate in little funny series II here.

You can view pictures of little funny series I here.

You can see what the vending machine looks like here.

little funny series II: Deadline July 22nd

little funny series II is intended as a prominent “sideshow” to the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D project. little funny is a series of mini-comics sold in an old cigarette vending machine at Altered Esthetics. The first series was compiled in conjunction with the BIG FUNNY show in 2009, and it is almost sold out… it is time to restock the machine.

No entries will be rejected provided they follow the specs (these comics need to be a specific size to fit inside the boxes in the vending machine). You do not have to be a Minnesota artist to participate.

You can view pictures of little funny series I here.

You can see what the vending machine looks like here.

Additionally, we have a limited number of vending slots available for people who would like to vend a non-little funny comics project from the machine. All projects will need to fit in a 3” x 2” x 1” box. Email tonytudisco (at) for more information on this opportunity.


  1. Email us at webmaster (at) for an issue number. little funny is an ongoing numbered series. Make sure to put your number on your comic. If you choose to do multiple issues, you’ll need a number for each different issue.
  2. Draw your comic. Make sure to sign your work and include your contact info on it.
  3. Make 50 or more copies of your comic. The only requirements for the comic are that it fit in the 3” x 2” x 1” box, and that it have the title little funny and the issue number on the cover. You can get the little funny logo here, if you are inclined to use it. A template is available, but is not required. One double-sided copy of the template makes three copies of a 10-page accordion style micro-comic with two covers (or, alternately, 3 different issues).
  4. We request a minimum of 50 copies of each comic submitted. More is great and much appreciated. You can send us as many as you wish. Drop off or mail your copies here:ALTERED ESTHETICS
    1224 Quincy St NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

    In addition to the comics please include your name, address, phone number and email address.



  • Each participant will receive one vending box of minis… how many minis are included in a box will depend on our level of participation. No box will contain all of the minis. Each participant will be responsible for picking up their box some time during the month of the show, or for making special arrangements if they can not attend.
  • Participants names will also appear on the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D website as being a part of the little funny show.
  • These comics can be by a single artist or be collaborative.
  • You can do as many issues as you wish… if you want to do more than one, just ask us for another number.
  • Comics may be color, or black and white, or on colored paper, or decorated with glitter glue, or painted or whatever the hell you want to do as long as they fit in the box.
  • Two complete sets of all the comics will be kept for the Conspiracy archives.
  • All proceeds from the comics will go to support the gallery, Altered Esthetics, which is a non-profit, community and artist centered gallery. You can read more about AE here.
  • Submissions will not be returned.