little funny series II: Deadline July 22nd

little funny series II is intended as a prominent “sideshow” to the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D project. little funny is a series of mini-comics sold in an old cigarette vending machine at Altered Esthetics. The first series was compiled in conjunction with the BIG FUNNY show in 2009, and it is almost sold out… it is time to restock the machine.

No entries will be rejected provided they follow the specs (these comics need to be a specific size to fit inside the boxes in the vending machine). You do not have to be a Minnesota artist to participate.

You can view pictures of little funny series I here.

You can see what the vending machine looks like here.

Additionally, we have a limited number of vending slots available for people who would like to vend a non-little funny comics project from the machine. All projects will need to fit in a 3” x 2” x 1” box. Email tonytudisco (at) for more information on this opportunity.


  1. Email us at webmaster (at) for an issue number. little funny is an ongoing numbered series. Make sure to put your number on your comic. If you choose to do multiple issues, you’ll need a number for each different issue.
  2. Draw your comic. Make sure to sign your work and include your contact info on it.
  3. Make 50 or more copies of your comic. The only requirements for the comic are that it fit in the 3” x 2” x 1” box, and that it have the title little funny and the issue number on the cover. You can get the little funny logo here, if you are inclined to use it. A template is available, but is not required. One double-sided copy of the template makes three copies of a 10-page accordion style micro-comic with two covers (or, alternately, 3 different issues).
  4. We request a minimum of 50 copies of each comic submitted. More is great and much appreciated. You can send us as many as you wish. Drop off or mail your copies here:ALTERED ESTHETICS
    1224 Quincy St NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

    In addition to the comics please include your name, address, phone number and email address.



  • Each participant will receive one vending box of minis… how many minis are included in a box will depend on our level of participation. No box will contain all of the minis. Each participant will be responsible for picking up their box some time during the month of the show, or for making special arrangements if they can not attend.
  • Participants names will also appear on the Lutefisk Sushi Volume D website as being a part of the little funny show.
  • These comics can be by a single artist or be collaborative.
  • You can do as many issues as you wish… if you want to do more than one, just ask us for another number.
  • Comics may be color, or black and white, or on colored paper, or decorated with glitter glue, or painted or whatever the hell you want to do as long as they fit in the box.
  • Two complete sets of all the comics will be kept for the Conspiracy archives.
  • All proceeds from the comics will go to support the gallery, Altered Esthetics, which is a non-profit, community and artist centered gallery. You can read more about AE here.
  • Submissions will not be returned.