Lutefisk Sushi Artists Potluck this Saturday, July 31st!

The participating artist potluck for Lutefisk Sushi (and little funny Series II) is this Saturday, July 31st from 1-3PM at Altered Esthetics. If you participated in either project, I hope to see you there.

Some things to note:

– You can pick up your contributor Lutefisk Sushi Volume D box at the potluck! Don’t forget to get your name checked off the list when you do.

– This is the deadline to drop off your framed art to hang for the show. Please bring some, if possible. More than one item is great… too much art to fit on the walls is a much better position to be in than not enough! Note that it is not a requirement that the art you display be from your comic in the Sushi box.

– This is the deadline for dropping off your issues of little funny. There is still time to make one! Email me if you need a number:

– Pick up promotional Lutefisk Sushi Volume D postcards to distribute.

– Don’t forget to remind your friends, blog readers, co-workers, parents, cousins, casual associates, and random people on the street that the Lutefisk Sushi opening is Friday, August 6th from 7 – 10 PM! Promotional materials below.

– Bring one item of food… it is a potluck!

Postcard Resources!

Postcard front, small jpg

Postcard front, large pdf

Postcard back, small jpg

Postcard back, large pdf

Misc Show Sites

Sushi Website

Facebook Event

LSD – Facebook website

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