We Need a Name for the Comic Cookbook show

I know it seems awfully early, seeing as we haven’t even had the opening for Lutefisk Sushi Volume D yet (opening August 6th… potluck this Saturday for participants), but Altered Esthetics is printing their calendar for next year soon, so we need a catchy title for the comic cookbook show we will be putting on there next year. Local Hero Kevin Cannon has generously volunteered to draw something for the calendar. We need something quick, so make some suggestions in the comments and let’s get it figured out. Possibilities so far:

The Comic Cookbook
Just Add Ink
Culinary Comics
The Gourmet Cartoonist
Gastronomical Giggles
Gag Comics: A Cartoon Cookbook

Please only participate in this discussion if you plan to participate in the show. Note that this will not be a regional show, and cartoonists from all over the world are encouraged to participate.

12 thoughts on “We Need a Name for the Comic Cookbook show

  1. The Cartoonist Cookbook (Like the Anarchist Cookbook, but for Cartoonists)
    How to Not Suck at Cooking
    Secret Ingredients
    Art in the Oven
    We Can’t Cook, and So Can You!
    Drawn Recipes
    Cooking in Sequence
    Cooked Comics (or Cooking Comics)

  2. Hotdish Nation? (Although that may lead to everyone contributing hotdishes).

    My only issue with “Just Add Ink” is that it makes with think of eating food with ink in it, which seems wrong somehow.

  3. My favorites so far:

    Just Add Ink
    Gag Comics: A Cartoon Cookbook
    We Can’t Cook, and So Can You!

    My contribution:

    Mastering the Art of Funnybooking

  4. Yeah, I think “JUST ADD INK” is best. i was going to try and think of some kind of ink related pun but was beat to it.

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