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Vote For Who Should Be the Featured Artist in Lutefisk Sushi Volume D



We are in the very early planning stages for the Minnesota Conspiracy’s Lutefisk Sushi Volume D project, which will be opening next Summer at Altered Esthetics gallery.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our three previous Lutefisk Sushi shows (A B C), they have featured the work of any Minnesota cartoonists who choose to participate (we had 50 last time). The shows are focused around a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened box stuffed full of mini-comics by Minnesota artists.

Each Sushi show has also had a featured artist. We want to figure out who this will be for next year pretty quick so we can feature their work on next year’s Altered Esthetics calendar.

This poll will determine next year’s featured artist. All nominees have been suggested by people intending to participate in the Lutefisk D show … and all have been contacted & expressed willingness to participate (note: if you don’t see your suggested nominee on here, they declined).

Check out the websites of our nominees:

Jesse Gillespie
Danno Klonowski
Bob Lipski
Britt Sabo
Tim Sievert
Mike Toft



COMICOPOLIS Opens in Minneapolis This Friday (August 28th)

Please join us Friday, August 28th for food, drinks and music!

Low life, high art

Opening reception:
Friday, August 28th from 6-9pm

FrameUps Minneapolis
4325 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 870-1292

Featuring comic art by:
Kirk Anderson
Ken Avidor
Shannon Brady
Kevin Cannon
Will Dinski
Roger Lootine
Brittney Sabo
Andy Singer
David Steinlicht
Steven Stwalley

Wanna help promote the event? Have a chicklet!


An Evening With Chip Kidd in Minneapolis September 16th

From the Minnesota Book Publishers’ Roundtable:

An Evening With Chip Kidd
DATE & TIME: Wednesday, September 16; 7:00 p.m.. – 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Auditorium 150), 2501 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

USA Today has called him “the closest thing to a rock star” in the world of graphic design. Time selected him as one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2008. His iconic book covers—from the famous T-Rex for Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park to designs for other literati such as David Sedaris and Cormac McCarthy—have helped spawn a revolution in the art of American book packaging. Join the Minnesota Book Publishers’ Roundtable at our inaugural lecture of the 2009-2010 season, as we welcome legendary designer Chip Kidd back to the Twin Cities!

Note: this lecture will occur in the evening as opposed to our normal, lunch hour scheduling, and will be held in a new venue. Food and beverage will not be served. Seating is limited and this event is expected to sell out quickly.


Thursday night Comic Jam (Aug 27, 2009) in SAN FRANCISCO

CCSF San Francisco comic jams

Hello all you cartooning cats,

it’s time for our regular Thursday night comic jam at the
Church St. Café, (These jams run the Second and Last Thursday of every
month and are easy to get to from public transportation.)

We would like to welcome all the great new folks who found out about
us at Zinefest 2009. Romy did an excellent job of promoting.

The Jam runs from 6:30 on August 27th and all artist are invited to
attend. So bring your favorite drawing tools and come on down and draw
a spell.

Description: The San Francisco cell of the International Cartoonist
Conspiracy meets twice a month from on the second and last Thursday of
the month from 6:30-10PM
location: Church St. Cafe. 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 9411



Lutefisk Sushi Volume D? Featured Artist?

So far in the comments on the post the other day asking for suggestions on what to do as a follow up to BIG FUNNY for next year’s Conspiracy show at Altered Esthetics, it has been unanimous for doing Lutefisk Sushi Volume D.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our three previous Lutefisk Sushi shows (A B C), they have featured the work of any Minnesota cartoonists who choose to participate (we had 50 last time). The shows are focused around a limited-edition, hand-silkscreened box stuffed full of mini-comics by Minnesota artists.

Whatever form the next show ends up taking, we are looking to have some other folks get involved in putting it together. Email Local Hero Kevin Cannon at Kevin at to volunteer your services.

Each Sushi show has also had a featured artist. We want to figure out who this will be for next year pretty quick so we can feature their work on next year’s Altered Esthetics calendar. Any cartoonist planning on participating in the show can nominate any Minnesota cartoonist they wish to. To do so, email me (webmaster at their name, and ideally their email address, sometime before August 25th. Please use the header “SUSHI NOMINATION” in your email. I’ll contact the artist, if possible, and see if they are interested. If I can’t contact them, I’ll let you know. We will vote on the  nominated artists who are interested in the near future to determine which one will be the featured artist in the show.

If you think Lutefisk Sushi Volume D is a terrible idea and have another suggestion, now is the time to bring it up in the comments below.

Open Call for a Zombie Comic Anthology

Quick! Somebody print this off and hand deliver it to Barista Girl…

Nation Undead: Anamnesis

Call for short comics to be included in the one-shot anthology, Nation Undead: Anamnesis. Set in the same universe as the outbreak/zombie short film anthology Nation Undead, this comic is curated by Mike Schneider, Organizer/ Curator of Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated.

Nation Undead defines the universe, virus, efforts, and status then allows independent film makers to tell their own stories within that frame. By providing resources such as background music, printable props and news broadcasts, they facilitate these film makers while further uniting their stories.

As comics are drawn, not shot, artists may opt to set their story in any of the 9 zones defined by the project and for the first time, artists will also be able to also create comics based on the back story as well as tell stories which show the international effect of such an outbreak devastating America.

The Rules

  • Stories are to hold true to the universe established by Nation Undead.
  • Stories must be in English, well proofed, and lettering must be easy to read.
  • All comics should be no longer then 10 pages in length.
  • All artwork is to be in black and white (gray tones are ok.)
  • There are no restrictions on the style of art or tone of the story.
  • Explicit nudity, violence and gore is allowed if justified by the story.
  • Page Size/ Format: 6.625″ x 10.25″ (content safe: 5.5″ x 9.25″) 300ppi JPG CMYK.
  • Deadline is November 15th, 2009. (Must receive at least 10 quality entries in order to proceed. If this minimum is not met, the creators reserve the right to extend the timetable or cancel the publication.)
  • Works are to be sent through YouSendIt to Artists will be emailed a receipt confirming that the entry has been received.

You may…

  • Include your comics in your personal portfolios and web galleries. (must be clearly labeled as part of Nation Undead: Anamnesis)
  • Work in collaboration with other writers and artists.
  • Base comics on the scripts and short films which are featured on Nation Undead.
  • Extend stories and appropriate characters presented in short films and scripts for your comics.
  • Submit multiple comics to be considered.
  • Note: If you opt to use someone else’s work to create your comic the original creator must also be credited.

You may not…

  • Sell works submitted to this comic for outside publication without the consent of Nation Undead.
  • Feature any otherwise copy protected materials or brands within your work.
  • Deviate (in any major way) from the universe as presented (unless framed as delusion, hallucination, dream, fiction within the fiction, etc).
  • Use the likeness of any person living, dead or undead without his/her consent.

The Zones


  • Zone 00: Back Story (Comic Exclusive)
    The back story consists of three options:

    • 1) Adapting the profiles of official characters. (Profiles are available on the WIKI)
    • 2) Developing back stories from character featured in the submitted films. (Short Films are available on the Submissions Page.)
    • 3) Revealing pieces of the back story. (Much of the back story has not been announced publicly. Contact with the subject line ‘Comic Back Story’ if you would be interested in breaking part of this story with your artwork.This information is to be kept confidential until after the comic releases.)


  • Zone 01: Outbreak
    Fear grips the nation when the mid-west is struck by the sudden epidemic of an unknown flu-like virus. Nauseous, achy and disoriented, the infected overwhelm the hospitals and with little information and no form of treatment, everyone is left to speculate as to the nature of this virus and if it can be stopped.
    Setting: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin


  • Zone 02: Panic
    With the virus (now dubbed the Respiren Flu) spreading and the death toll on the rise, cities fall to chaos as people lash out in frustration. While some take to the streets in violent bursts of aggression (looting and rioting), others seek shelter from the anarchy that surrounds them.
    Setting: Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri,Nebraska


  • Zone 03: Riot
    Social order is quickly decaying. when Soteria Industries brings a ray of hope with their announcement of a cure, Toxicil. With demand far exceeding supplies, the treatment only goes to those with the means to procure it or the drive to steal it for themselves.
    Setting: Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wyoming


  • Zone 04:Shock
    After people began self-medicating with whatever Toxicil they can get their hands on, insufficient dosing gave the virus a chance to adapt into a stronger more resilient strain, called Respiren X. This new strain can not be stopped… even by death. Rumors spread that those who die of this strain have began to reanimate only to attack the living with an uncontrollable rage and an unsatisfiable hunger.
    Setting: Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Utah


  • Zone 05: Preservation
    Rumors of the undead have been confirmed and their threat grows as rapidly as their numbers. Supplies and resources are growing thin… it’s time to move. The radio mentions there are fortified military camps but with the risk that anyone could already be infected are they really safe? People are left to decide where to go and what to do before time runs out.
    Setting: Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada. Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Kentucky


  • Zone 6: Blackout
    Suddenly and without warning all forms of communication stop. Phones, cel phones, televisions, radios, and the internet are gone leaving survivors completely disconnected from the world which is falling apart around them. With no information in or out, people are left to rely on their instincts.
    Setting: Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, New Hampshire, Georgia


  • Zone 7: Isolation
    People located on the islands which fringe the US find themselves trapped in isolation. Though they do not face the threat of the virus or undead, there is no communication, travel, or trade. These islands are surrounded by a navel blockade (flying a variety of flags) which appear to have a destroy on sight orders for any ships, rafts and even swimmers. In the confusion, militant groups, gangs and religious zealot take control.
    Setting: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Cuba, Caribbean Islands


  • Zone 8: Migration
    With supplies running thin and the threat ever-growing… no place is safe.. no place in the United States anyway. Survivors place their last hopes on seeking refuge in the bordering countries of Mexico and Canada. With a blockade at sea and the boarders being heavily guarded even if they make it there alive there is no guaranty that they will be able to get in.
    Setting: Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas


  • Zone 9: Trapped
    The country is gone and all hope is lost. Everyone is either dead or dieing. The few survivors left are trapped with their supplies low and shelters compromised. With no hope left what do they do in their last moments.
    Setting: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, D.C.


  • Zone 10: The World Outside (Comic Exclusive)
    The last official words from America was an update on the Respirin Flu epidemic and the newly discovered cure, Toxicil. Shortly after that broadcast, tv channels, radio stations, and web servers based out of the United States began going off line. Mail in and out of the country stopped and all phones appeared to have been disconnected.. A few photos of chaotic scenes featuring people rioting, buildings burning and cannibalism were leaked onto net forums though they were quickly buried under countless faked images which called their validity into question. News broadcasters were seemingly quiet about the situation and rumors filled in for the lack of facts. People blamed everything from revolution and plague to zombies and aliens. There were even rumors that some Americans had escaped and were taken into quarantine where they are being held prisoner though there is no evidence to confirm that. Nobody seems to know anything for sure besides nothing is getting in or out of the United States… and it seems as though officials would rather everyone simply forget and move on with their lives.


Terms of Use

By submitting your comics, you are stating that the pages which you are submitting are your own original work and that you agree to these pages potentially being featured within the Nation Undead Comic as well as on the website and DVD. Writers and artists will not be paid for their participation, however, they will be fully accredited and have the opportunity to receive unlimited copies of this book at whole sale (which they can then self distribute at a profit).

Artists/ writers agree to allow for their comics and characters presented within them to be adapted into additional short films within Nation Undead universe as long as such adaptations are attributed. Artists/ writers may adapt stories and characters from the short films but must attribute them to their original creators.

We reserve the right to reject any comic due to substandard quality or for failure to meet the terms as described.

Artists/ Writers retain the right to revision between initial submission date and November 15th,2009.


Questions? Ask Mike in the Nation Undead: Anamnesis forum or send an email to

READ: CCSF comix jamboree 1- stickynote comics

CCSF San Francisco comic jams

OK all. Here is another E-Comic to download and read from the artists at the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco. This was our first attempt to create comics with each panel being a Sticky Note. This process has since been refined at other Jams.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

CLICK below to DOWNLOAD the COMIC (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

HERE> CCSF comix jamboree 1- stickynote comics


BIG FUNNY News, and What About Next Year?

Well, the BIG FUNNY project has been a big success by any measure… thanks much to all who contributed to and otherwise supported the project. Note that the show is still up until the 29th, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you won’t want to miss it. If you can’t make it to the gallery, you can still order copies online here.

Altered Esthetics has kindly invited us back to help organize another comic art gallery show next year. What do you all want to do for it? Please discuss in the comments of this post.

Here are some more reviews of the BIG FUNNY show and publication:

MN Daily

Oh, My Lard

Here are previously linked reviews of BIG FUNNY:

Amy Crehore’s Little Hokum Rag

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Poopsheet Foundation

Note that there are a LOT of other links to press we have received on our BIG FUNNY Facebook group page.

Here are some links to photos of the BIG FUNNY show:

Jamie Schumacher

Terry Beatty

Tom Kaczynski

Jesse Gillespie

Danno Klonowski

little funny gallery