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Rain Taxi is launching a new Lit Art Magazine and wants YOU!


Okay so recently Rain Taxi decided to launch a literary journal and is including COMICS! The deal is that on Aug 25th at the Cedar the event will launch with art making and local bands, and all the content for the issue will be made between noon and midnight, which is old hat for you comic jammers. They asked me to be the comics editor and I thought of you guys immediately. Who better to do this than 24 hour comics day veterans?

The deal is though, that Rain Taxi is crowd funding the project in the style of Kickstarter. And the funding seems to be creeping so it is going to need all the help it can get to become a reality.

The main reason that I am campaigning so much for this project among many other equally worthy projects is that I think it is a VERY IMPORTANT step in Minneapolis art/print scene that Rain Taxi from the get go decided to give COMICS an equal billing along with the more familiar short stories, poetry and non fiction. I think if this project makes it it will be another step towards comics being seen as an integral part of such anthologies and not an afterthought or oddity.

So that all said, if this sounds like something you’d want to participate in or help support here is where you do it. (Also read more about the details)


Firecracker Art magazine Seeder Page


Also if your work is selected this is gonna be a really nice book on the resume 😉

What do you hate to draw?

I’ve started a new blog called Things I Hate to Draw: a self-help blog for artists. Anyone can submit sketches. It is all about challenging yourself to get over mental blocks.

Every artist has strengths and deficiencies. Some of us are good with anatomy but terrible with vehicles. Some of us draw great machines but aren’t so good at plants. Some do fantastic landscapes, but can’t draw a character’s face the same way twice. Often we are slow to improve in our weak areas, because we don’t LIKE to draw certain things. You dread screwing up. You know you’ll mess up your paper with all that erasing. It will be tedious. You’ll have to start over. So you avoid drawing it altogether.

Does this sound familiar?

The first step is to admit you have a problem. The second step is to get over it. Practice drawing those subjects you can’t draw, and you might surprise yourself. After a while they won’t be such a chore anymore.

If you would like to submit a sketch to this blog, follow these easy steps:

1. Choose a subject you normally avoid drawing. Acknowledge and embrace the fact that it may not be your best work.

2. Save your art as a .jpg, .png, or .gif file

3. Attach image to an email with “I HATE TO DRAW _____” in the subject line.

4. In the body of the email, type the title of your art, your name, and website. If you would like to include a brief bio or artist statement, that’s cool too.

5. Send to

Grimalkin Press in the MPLS

Hey guys my name is Jordan Shiveley and I run Grimalkin Press, a small publishing house for indie comics. Steve thought you guys might be interested in hearing about a few things we have going on so here it is:

1. The deadline for submissions for the sixth issue of HIVE: A Somewhat Quarterly Comics Anthology has been set at April 1st.


1-15 pages

Black and White or Greyscale

at least 300 dpi tiff preferably higher

No theme required

5.5×8.5 page format

2. HIVE FIVE is now available for preorder here. It is full of cartoonists ranging from Brazil, Germany, Scotland, UK and some of your very own Minnesotans.

3. We are accepting submissions for a one shot anthology themed around “JOBS IN FOOD SERVICE” There is not a due date as of yet and the tech specs are the same as the HIVE antho.


Looking forward to getting to know and working with the local cartoonist scene

all submissions should be sent to


-Jordan Shiveley


Cream City Conversations

Here’s the link to my interview/conversation blog.

It’s a space I use to promote other independent work… be it music, literature, film… ESECIALLY COMIX. If you’d like to be included to the collection of ‘conversations’ on the site, simply drop me a line or copy’n’paste the questions from the blog with your answers and send them to me in an e-mail.

Also included on the blog are links to other artists, art supply sources, etc.


Inspiration: some artist blogs

First off in the one and only Paul Pope:

From a link on the Pope blog, Toby Cypress who is doing some amazing comic work and art: I love this Robot Fighter painting.

Todd Klein, Comic letterer and colorist. He has lots of great posts about logos, design, color and the like:

all work is © the artist mentioned and used with out permission.