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Rain Taxi is launching a new Lit Art Magazine and wants YOU!


Okay so recently Rain Taxi decided to launch a literary journal and is including COMICS! The deal is that on Aug 25th at the Cedar the event will launch with art making and local bands, and all the content for the issue will be made between noon and midnight, which is old hat for you comic jammers. They asked me to be the comics editor and I thought of you guys immediately. Who better to do this than 24 hour comics day veterans?

The deal is though, that Rain Taxi is crowd funding the project in the style of Kickstarter. And the funding seems to be creeping so it is going to need all the help it can get to become a reality.

The main reason that I am campaigning so much for this project among many other equally worthy projects is that I think it is a VERY IMPORTANT step in Minneapolis art/print scene that Rain Taxi from the get go decided to give COMICS an equal billing along with the more familiar short stories, poetry and non fiction. I think if this project makes it it will be another step towards comics being seen as an integral part of such anthologies and not an afterthought or oddity.

So that all said, if this sounds like something you’d want to participate in or help support here is where you do it. (Also read more about the details)


Firecracker Art magazine Seeder Page


Also if your work is selected this is gonna be a really nice book on the resume 😉

“Pendulum” anthology.

Hey all, passing on info on an upcoming Anthology produced by Bay Area artist Erin Milligan.
I have only posted the basic info. To find out the full information, contact Erin at erinmmilligan AT gmail DOT com. Check out Erin’s comic at: http://www.timothy-green.com/

These are just the general guidelines.

Possible Title: Pendulum (If anyone has any other ideas for the title, I would love to hear them!)
Theme: Supernatural, mythological
Audience: Pre-Teen to Teen. (No nudity, graphic violence or sex. Keep the language PG.*)
Submission format: Black and white. Please submit all files as 300 dpi TIFF files.
Size: 6.85″w X 10.25″h
Length: 4 to 12 pages per story.
Deadline: August 1st, 2009.
Reimbursement: You will be able to buy it off me for a set price**; any profits you make off of the book are yours to keep. You may sell the book at conventions, at shops, and/or online.
Rights: You may not submit the same story to other publishers until nine months after the anthology has been printed. Also, you may not post more than half of your story online until that nine month period has passed.

Thank you!
Erin Milligan