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Rain Taxi is launching a new Lit Art Magazine and wants YOU!


Okay so recently Rain Taxi decided to launch a literary journal and is including COMICS! The deal is that on Aug 25th at the Cedar the event will launch with art making and local bands, and all the content for the issue will be made between noon and midnight, which is old hat for you comic jammers. They asked me to be the comics editor and I thought of you guys immediately. Who better to do this than 24 hour comics day veterans?

The deal is though, that Rain Taxi is crowd funding the project in the style of Kickstarter. And the funding seems to be creeping so it is going to need all the help it can get to become a reality.

The main reason that I am campaigning so much for this project among many other equally worthy projects is that I think it is a VERY IMPORTANT step in Minneapolis art/print scene that Rain Taxi from the get go decided to give COMICS an equal billing along with the more familiar short stories, poetry and non fiction. I think if this project makes it it will be another step towards comics being seen as an integral part of such anthologies and not an afterthought or oddity.

So that all said, if this sounds like something you’d want to participate in or help support here is where you do it. (Also read more about the details)


Firecracker Art magazine Seeder Page


Also if your work is selected this is gonna be a really nice book on the resume 😉

Mini-Comics Day Minneapolis 2012 (This Saturday, May 26th) Info… You Could Win the Stapler Award! Judges Announced.

Pictured above: 2011 Stapler Award Winner Dan Murphy holds his prize.

The self-descriptive “2012 Stapler Award for the Best Minnesota Mini-Comics Day Mini-Comic” will be given out around 8PM or so in the side room at Grumpy’s downtown after the event at Book Arts. You will need to submit three copies of your completed-that-day comic to enter.

This year’s judges for the “2012 Stapler Award for the Best Minnesota Mini-Comics Day Mini-Comic”

Eric Lorberer, Editor of Rain Taxi Review of Books
Courtney Algeo, Editorial Director of Paper Darts and Marketing Coordinator at The Loft Literary Center
Miles Johnson of the Read My List blog and Altered Esthetics gallery (hosts for the upcoming Lutefisk Sushi Volume E project)

UPDATE: Besides the award, there will be cool prizes for the winner… a $25 gift certificate to Big Brain Comics courtesy of Big Brain Comics, and a free pass to the Northeast Ride ($25 value), courtesy of the Northeast CDC.

Here is the previously posted event info:

Mini-Comics Day is this Saturday! On Mini-Comics Day, participating cartoonists draw and print a mini-comic in a day. Any cartoonist in the world can participate in the event… if you would like to host an event in your community, contact us and we’ll get you set up.

Here is the information for those of you participating in the Twin Cities:

The Minnesota Center For Book Arts
1011 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
May 26th, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
A copier will be available on site. Copies will cost $.02 each, but Big Brain Comics and Big Time Attic will generously be helping defray some of the expense.
Table space will be provided on a first come, first served basis.
Bring your own drawing materials.
Afterwards, we will move a block over to Grumpy’s to give out “The Stapler Award for the Best Minnesota Mini-Comics Day Mini-Comic 2012.” To enter we will need three copies of your mini-comic before 7:30PM.
1111 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Steven Stwalley

This may be a good opportunity for you to get a mini-comic ready for the upcoming Lutefisk Sushi Volume E project happening at Altered Esthetics in November.

Help promote the event! Here are assets for the Minneapolis event by 2011 Stapler Award Winner Dan Murphy.

Here is a poster you can print and hang.

Here are flyers to leave around town.

Here are graphics for your website, social-networking site, etc.:

If you use facebook, you may want to sign up here.

You gotta do this. I’m not kidding.

[Square foot art]

If you are a Minnesota artist, you have to do this.

Every ten years, the Minneapolis Institute of Art allows anyone to hang work in their gallery. The only requirements: Be a Minnesotan. The piece of art has to measure one cubic foot or less. Could be a cool page. A panel you like. An animation cel. A small sculpture. Anything.

(In the fine print it says something about not allowing living things, bugs, plants, liquids or hazardous materials — and some more stuff. Read the rules. But there’s not much more to it than one cubic foot.)

From the Web site: WHO QUALIFIES: Anyone living in Minnesota who considers him- or herself an artist. Limit one (1) artwork per artist.

The show is called “Foot In The Door 4.” And it’s a madhouse. When all the pieces are displayed it’s almost impossible to look at. Many walls crammed with one-foot square things. But still — there you are, in the same building as Rembrandt and Van Gogh and all those other famous dead guys.

You gotta do this.

Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 4 through Sunday, Feb. 7.


Prism Comics Guide 2008 and Rice Meeting Tomorrow

Hey guys, this is Vanesa Littlecrow W. letting you know that the 2008 edition of Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide To Comics is now out at local comic book stores across the nation.  I just wanted to let you the conspirators Lori Kozlowski did an absolutely outstanding interview of me.  To balance out my enormous ego, there is a lot of awesome artwork and features that are sure to entertain.  Yes, I did mention the Cartoonist Conspiracy.  😉

Also, the Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy is meeting tomorrow at 7:00 pm the VAS Littlecrow Studios/old Rice Print Shop at 310 Division St S, Rice, MN 56367.  Need info?  Call 320-492-0475

Finally, I have a silly contest of little consequence with silly prizes for anyone who is interested in dinner and a drawing.  It ends on Friday because I’m traveling on Saturday.

Vote Now

Cast your vote today to determine the subject of the jam comic to be created by the St. Paul cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy at their Thursday, May 15, 2008 meeting.

To view the candidates and cast your vote, go here.

Please cast only one vote.  The polls will remain open until shortly before the meeting begins.

The St. Paul cell meets on the third Thursday of every month, from 6:30PM – 9:30PM.  All are welcome to join us at:

Cosmic’s Coffee
189 N. Snelling Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Afterwards, more often than not, the party continues across the street:

O’Gara’s Bar & Grill
164 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55104

Vote for your favorite concept, and then join us to help make that concept a reality.

2nd St. Paul Comic Jam Comic Contest

Once again, we’re running a contest to determine the subject of the jam comic produced every third Thursday by the St. Paul cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy.

I’m asking anyone who cares to, to post a reply here suggesting a topic/title for the comic to be produced at the May 15, 2008 meeting. 

The week of the meeting, if any suggestions have been made, they’ll be put to a vote, and the winner will not only see their idea brought to life, but will be awarded the original jam comic pages, compliments of the city of St. Paul.

Past jam comic contest winner, Steven Stwalley, won with his entry ELEPHANTS IN UNDERPANTS . . . surely, you can do better than that.

The winner will be awarded their prize after it has been scanned for posterity and posted to the ICC site. If the winner is unable or unwilling to pick up their prize in person, it will be mailed to them at our expense.

The St. Paul cell is accepting entries until Monday May 12, when the voting begins.

Enter now, and may the best concept win.

Don’t Let Stwalley Win!

At the risk of sacrificing some of the spontaneity of the jam comics produced every third Thursday by the St. Paul cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, I’ve asked anyone who cares to, to suggest a topic for the February 21, 2008 jam comic.

Any suggestions made before February 14, 2008 will be put to a vote, and the winner will not only see their idea brought to life, but will be awarded the original jam comic pages, compliments of the city of St. Paul.

So far, only Steven Stwalley has suggested a topic: “Elephants in underpants, the last of the old timers, and pancake phobia.” If you think you can come up with something better than that, go here:

and prove it.