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HIVE 5 PDF Download!

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While the physical book of HIVE FIVE is a thing of hand crafted beauty we here at Grimalkin Press recognizes that sometimes you just want to dig out some pocket change, plunk it on the counter and get some goddamned comics! Well here it is! The entire contents of HIVE FIVE in a high quality PDF download. That’s 192 pages of thrilling indie comics for the price of a soft drink! Get yours before we come to out senses!

get the PDF!

Featuring work by

Cole Closser
Chris Mostyn
Joe Decie
Reynold Kissling
Sam Sharpe
Box Brown
Andrew Waugh
Daniel Locke
Dax Delap
Jess Smart Smiley
Hawk Krall
Noah Van Sciver
Lord Hurk
Lilli Loge
Gary Fields
John Kinhart
Jonathan Baylis
T.J Kirsch
Thomas A. Boatwright
Danny Hellman
David Ziggy Greene
Curt Sibling
Lauren Barnett
Josh Blair
Nicholas Labarre
Dave O’Shell
Paola Gavira
Paul O’Connel
Laurence Elwicke
Ed Choy Moorman
Eric Scrivner
J.B. Winter
Craig Collins
Iain Laurie
Gregory Benton

Cover Art by Megan Frauenhoffer

Grimalkin Press in the MPLS

Hey guys my name is Jordan Shiveley and I run Grimalkin Press, a small publishing house for indie comics. Steve thought you guys might be interested in hearing about a few things we have going on so here it is:

1. The deadline for submissions for the sixth issue of HIVE: A Somewhat Quarterly Comics Anthology has been set at April 1st.


1-15 pages

Black and White or Greyscale

at least 300 dpi tiff preferably higher

No theme required

5.5×8.5 page format

2. HIVE FIVE is now available for preorder here. It is full of cartoonists ranging from Brazil, Germany, Scotland, UK and some of your very own Minnesotans.

3. We are accepting submissions for a one shot anthology themed around “JOBS IN FOOD SERVICE” There is not a due date as of yet and the tech specs are the same as the HIVE antho.


Looking forward to getting to know and working with the local cartoonist scene

all submissions should be sent to jordanshiveley@gmail.com


-Jordan Shiveley