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Zander Cannon and myself (Maxeem) have officially initiated the fantasy book challenge – it’s the race to end our Giant Fantasy Epics before the lesser man.

You can follow the race here:

Zander Cannon‘s The Replacement God
Maxeem‘s Ex Novo Libris

I am publishing mine online as I finish each chapter in anticipation of any printed versions that follow – and also in anticipation of Zander finishing his most awesome of books – I mean … er … losing book! The latest of mine is available here at my new site – though I warn you it is not work/family friendly and as Steve Stwalley has helped me realize, it is extremely confusing unless you are quite into it from page 1. Give it a shot :

Only 200-300 pages in about 3 chapters to go!

After the race to end our fantasy epics ends, Kevin has initiated the race to grow a Z.Z.Top worthy beard.

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Erik Nelson…cartoonist…plumber!


Hey Minneapolis cartoonists…

A couple Saturdays ago I discovered a leak in my basement, so I turned to our old friend the Google search for a plumber.  Somehow this lead me to .

Anyway, I called Erik and he agreed to waste a Saturday fixing my ancient plumbing…FOR MONEY!!!

AND HE’LL FIX YOUR PLUMBING FOR MONEY TOO! And he’ll do an AMAZING job at reasonable rates (and for anyone who has actually had to pay for a plumber, you’ll understand how important that is).

Why post about this on the Conspiracy website? Cause as it turned out not only was Erik a plumber, but he had attended his first Cartoonist Conspiracy (MPLS cell) meeting a few weeks earlier!

Crazy small world.

So remember…when you’re in need of COMICS, check out

And when you need a PLUMBER, check out

Erik happily provides both.

He’ll also provide to world soon a new comic WALKABOUT #1–check ou his website  for more info.

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Jamie Chase Sketchbooks Now Available


From Jamie Chase, creator of Muse, illustrator on Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw — and a modernist figurative painter — three new sketchbooks are now available. Some sketches are development for other projects, others are just for the fun of it.

We’re working on an update to the 7000 BC store. In the meantime, send an email if you’re interested in purchasing and we’ll work something out. Sirens is more pages and is $5, the other two are $3; we’ll do $10 for the set; we’ll have to add something in for shipping. They’re also available in Santa Fe at True Believers.

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Prism Comics Guide 2008 and Rice Meeting Tomorrow

Hey guys, this is Vanesa Littlecrow W. letting you know that the 2008 edition of Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide To Comics is now out at local comic book stores across the nation.  I just wanted to let you the conspirators Lori Kozlowski did an absolutely outstanding interview of me.  To balance out my enormous ego, there is a lot of awesome artwork and features that are sure to entertain.  Yes, I did mention the Cartoonist Conspiracy.  😉

Also, the Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy is meeting tomorrow at 7:00 pm the VAS Littlecrow Studios/old Rice Print Shop at 310 Division St S, Rice, MN 56367.  Need info?  Call 320-492-0475

Finally, I have a silly contest of little consequence with silly prizes for anyone who is interested in dinner and a drawing.  It ends on Friday because I’m traveling on Saturday.

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Comic Jam in San Francisco May 29,2008

The next Comic Jam is this Thursday May 29, 2008. So grab your favorite drawing tools and head on down to the Church St. Café at 6:30 pm this Thursday and draw with us. We have had a great surge of new artist in the last couple of months and we want to keep to flow of talent flowing.

NEW: you can also find a full schedule of the upcoming jams at our YAHOO Upcoming Group set up by the amazing Doctor Pop. You can sign up to get reminders as well as set your RSS news reader to get updates when they are added

The San Francisco jam meets on the second and last Thursday of each month at the Church St. Café from 6:30 pm to sometimes between 9 and 10 pm.

WHEN: Thursday May 29th, 2008

Where: Church St. Cafe

Description: The San Francisco cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy meets twice a month from on the second and last Thursday of the month from 6-10PM at Church St. Cafe. Church St. Cafe 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Transit info for San Francisco can be found here:
View Larger Map note: (the green cabin is the café and the blue markers are MUNI bus stations)

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Craig Thompson’s Chicken

Craig Thompson has posted samples of a pre-Chunky Rice artwork and talks about his projects that never made it. It’s a story about Elliot Chicken.

Craig writes:

My advice to young cartoonists is that the biggest and most important challenge is simply seeing a project to completion. I’d draw ten pages of a story, get bored or distracted, then dump ‘em in the drainage ditch, leaving a wake of unfinished books — until finally sticking with CHUNKY RICE. Below is one of my little rejected children – Elliot Chicken – and two projects left in purgatory.

Check it out

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Chris Monroe book signing Sat., June 7

[Update:] Chris Monroe, the Duluth, Minn. creator of the excellent “Violet Days” cartoon (Fridays in the Source section of the Mpls. Star Tribune), has written and illustrated a new book, “Monkey with a Toolbelt.” She’ll be signing copies Sat., June 7 at 10 a.m. at Galleria Barnes & Noble in Edina, Minn.

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Matt Reidsma’s Studio2Go

Cartoonist Matt Reidsma has created a portable drawing case/desk to take with him on trips… Studio2Go. It looks pretty cool. (via Make Magazine Blog)

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Will Dinski to teach “Mini-Comics” at Book Arts

Minicomics as Artist Books
with Will Dinski
Mondays: March 24, 31, April 7, 14
All skill levels welcome

With so many new comics going directly to the web, many minicomic
have started making higher quality books with a lower print run.
Screen-printing, letterpress, inkjet as well as photocopying are three
trusted printing techniques of these artists. This workshop will review
these techniques and discuss their usefulness as a storytelling
vehicle. By
the end of the four weeks, students will have crafted their own

$170 ($155 members)
$10 supply fee
Mention the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY to waive the supply fee.

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Cartoonists in the newspaper

Ken Avidor and Andy Singer are featured in a front page story in Saturday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The Minneapolis and St. Paul cartoonists bring a new perspective to the usual “Auto Show Is Now Open” preview.

The story, written by Richard Chin (an avid bike rider, but not a cartoonist), allows Avidor and Singer to get in a few shots.

Avidor, outside the convention center: “All this space, and there’s no bike stand.”

Singer, entering the convention center: “The formaldehyde new car smell.”

(I want to see those photos of the two sitting in the front seat of a Hummer.)

The story plugs Singer’s “CARtoons” book and Avidor’s upcoming “Bicyclopolis.”

If you’re reading online, don’t forget to click on the Readers Comments link. Laffs galore.

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