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Because Steve Asked Me Post This…

Three things…


The St Cloud Area/Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy will be meeting tomorrow in the VAS Littlecrow Main Studio at 12287 15th Avenue, NW, Rice MN. 320-492-0475 from 5pm to 8pm. Call 320-492-0475 or email for directions, because Google Maps WILL fail you. I am working with Thom S. (not to be confused with my sidekick slave-boy thom at the VAS Littlecrow New Hope Studio) to bring the meeting to a less remote location. Wish us luck.


I will debuting a new performance art piece at Patrick’s Cabaret. It’s going to involve cartooning, me making fun of anime and I’ll probably dress like a strumpet.

Dates 10 September 2010 and 11 September 2010
Time 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
Location 3010 Minnehaha Ave
Necessary Hazards of Being/Open Call Cabaret

Sylvia Shourek- Dance
Robert Baril- Comedy
Bob Ronson- Monologue/Mixed Media
Alanna Morris- Dance
The Nerk Twins- Comedy/Mixed Media
Vas Littlecrow- Performance Art

For ticket info go to the box office:


Buy them for $8 by calling 320-492-0475 or emailing me at

3. Could you please buy Bahktale Vasquez Hates Camello #1 and #2 at IndyPlanet?  Issue #3 is coming soon, and will be making its official debut at Fallcon.  Thank you kindly.


Prism Comics Guide 2008 and Rice Meeting Tomorrow

Hey guys, this is Vanesa Littlecrow W. letting you know that the 2008 edition of Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide To Comics is now out at local comic book stores across the nation.  I just wanted to let you the conspirators Lori Kozlowski did an absolutely outstanding interview of me.  To balance out my enormous ego, there is a lot of awesome artwork and features that are sure to entertain.  Yes, I did mention the Cartoonist Conspiracy.  😉

Also, the Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy is meeting tomorrow at 7:00 pm the VAS Littlecrow Studios/old Rice Print Shop at 310 Division St S, Rice, MN 56367.  Need info?  Call 320-492-0475

Finally, I have a silly contest of little consequence with silly prizes for anyone who is interested in dinner and a drawing.  It ends on Friday because I’m traveling on Saturday.

Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy Going Away Party for Gypsy

Our next meeting will take place 7:00 pm on 4/10/08 and it will be a very special one.  We will be bidding Gypsy-Maria Lorimer a fond farewell as she moves to Twin Cities.  As per usual, the meeting will take place at the VAS Littlecrow studios (formerly known as the Rice Print Shop,)  310 Division St S, Rice, MN 56367.  For directions, call 320-492-0475 or email vanesaATvaslittlecrowDOTcom.  Free pizza, goodies and cartoony fun will be had!  See you there.

Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy – Schedule Change

Hey there,

This month’s meeting will take place TODAY from 5-7:00 pm at the Rice Print Shop and will be followed by the Burning Twig Festival bonfire at Vas’s place. None of the regulars will be able to make it on Saturday, so we apologize for the inconvenience with this sudden change of schedule.

Other News: December’s meeting will be canceled due to Vas being in Puerto Rico, Loki being insanely busy at the farm with equipment maintenance. Gypsy being in Minneapolis, Misty being car-free and Naomi being busy.

As of January 2008, The Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting will change to a new time, and stay put at the same place, kind of. Meetings will take place from 6:30 pm to whenever the last person leaves, on the second Thursday of the month. Same fresh Pizza from Twin Pines and Jerry’s. Meetings will remain at the Rice Print Shop/VAS Littlecrow Studio building at 310 Division Street South in Rice, MN, but the meetings will return to the original and far more spacious 2nd Floor Space.

Thank you for understanding!

Questions? Call 320-492-0475

Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy — This Saturday!!!

The Rice Cartoonist Conspiracy is meeting on July, Saturday the 14th 7:00 -9:00 pm at the Rice Print Shop art gallery on the 2nd floor of 310 Division St S, in Rice, MN. Join us for a pleasant and relaxing evening of cartooning, comic book gawking, weirdness and conversation. Art supplies are available for those who lack them, but for maximum joy, bring your favorite implements of destruction.

Cartoon babe extraordinare, Maria Lorimer will be bringing her delicious rice balls and snacks. Loki and the Jimmy might be bringing desert. Pizza might also be in the horizon upon request. A delicious selection of teas will be available at no cost. This meeting’s theme: “7/7/7, Friday the 13th and other experiments in bad numerology.” The comic book library will be open, and we will be taking a collection and making a comic art/comic book care package for Eric Lappegard. If you can’t attend and want to help, please contact Vas.

Hope to see you there!

Questions? Call 320-393-3349 or, our weekend like at 492-0475. Alternatively, you may email us at