On the 71st episode DANNO KLONOWSKI is honored to be joined by one of his inspirations to become a podcaster in the first place: MIKE DAWSON!

FIRST: In addition to hosting both THE INK PANTHERS SHOW and TCJ TALKIES, Mike is also a fantastic cartoonist! So DANNO and MIKE discuss Mike’s podcasts and his graphic novels, including FREDDIE & ME, ACE-FACE, TROOP 142, and the new ANGIE BONGIOLATTI!  ANGIE BONGIOLATTI is a wonderful slice-of-life tale set in the immediate weeks after 9/11 in the heart of New York City based-ish on MIKE’s own experiences. This all leads us down many conversational roads including YOUTHFUL LIBERALISM vs PUSHING 40 PRAGMATISM, being a GIRL SCOUT TROOP LEADER, and much more.

THEN: MIKE and DANNO discuss FAILING UPWARDS as a middle-aged creators.

FINALLY: In homage to Mike’s TCJ TALKIES graphic novel book club discussion podcast, we have a WGVH TALKIE about a shared beloved graphic novel, Dylan Horrock’s HICKSVILLE!  We discuss COMICS AS MAPS, CREATOR’S RIGHTS, and how Dylan’s dream of a COMICS UTOPIA like HICKSVILLE has ACTUALLY COME TRUE!!!…and why that is both good and bad.

Thanks to MIKE for being on the show, and as always to YOU for listening!

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