Andy Singer’s Fruit Sticker Art Show

Conspirator Andy Singer has a show coming up this weekend of his Fruit Sticker Art… here’s the info:

I will be in a small show of Fruit Sticker Art at The West 7th Street Mississippi Market Coop From November 14th until December 14th. The show includes work by 3 artists– myself, Andrea McCormack and Richard Carlson. It’s a fun show, made entirely of fruit stickers.

Mississippi Market is located at–
1500 West 7th Street (near Otto)
Saint Paul, MN 55102
and is open daily from 8am until 9pm.

There will be a brief “buy-your-own-food” opening reception where you can meet and eat with the artists from 2-3pm, Sunday, November 14th.
Come eat some fruit!

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