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Lutefisk Sushi Opening Wrap (Maki?)

The Lutefisk Sushi Volume C opening was pretty amazing… the art was fantastic, the gallery was packed like a tin of sardines for hours, and I suspect a fun time was had by all who attended.

If you missed the opening (and The Onion had the date wrong, so I’m guessing many did)… don’t fret! There are still boxes left at this point (although they are going fast… the box is limited to 150 copies). The show will be up all month, with some special events during Art-A-Whirl (May 16-18). Regular gallery hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-7, Saturdays 1-5. Art-A Whirl hours are 5-10PM Friday May 16th, 12-8PM Saturday May 17th, and 12-5PM Saturday May 18th.

A huge collection of photos from the reception is available online at Thanks to John Terwilliger for generously sharing his work! If any of you have links to other photos you’d like to share, we’d love to share them.

KARE 11 and MetroMix interviewed some of us earlier this week, and you can now see that on the MetroMix website here.

Friday was apparently the most profitable evening Altered Esthetics has ever had, so congratulations to all participants on the good work. We don’t really emphasize where the money goes from the bento boxes, but this time around it is going to support Altered Esthetics, which is a fantastic non-profit, community gallery.

And now, some thank yous:

  • Thanks to the Jamie Schumacher and the crew at Altered Esthetics for having us, and for co-curating with us. Jamie has done a phenomenal job with organizing, contacting press, and just about every other possible aspect of the show.
  • Thanks to Kevin Cannon for accepting the honor of being the featured artist, along with the immense workload he took on to do it right… and for handling a lot of other aspects of the show as well, including so much of the really tedious managerial stuff.
  • Thanks to Danno for doing a fantastic job of organizing and hanging the artwork, and doing so much to help with the planning and organizing.
  • Thanks to Shad Petosky at Puny Entertainment for taking the time to once again silk screen the boxes, in spite of the fact that he has less time to spare than anyone I know. Thanks to Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon and Curtis Square-Briggs for helping him!
  • Thanks to the brothers Cannon at Big Time Attic for organizing and storing artwork and boxed, and giving us a welcome space to get this thing together.
  • Thanks to Dan Olson, Mike Toft, Bud Burgy, Matt Kriske, Adam Wirtzfeld for help with the hanging and/or box collating.
  • Thanks to The Roe Family Singers for taking the time to play their beautiful music this Friday, as well as offering to play during Art-A-Whirl.
  • Thanks to Ken Avidor for building the Zoetrope.
  • Thanks to all who helped with promotion… particularly to Nick Postiglione and the MNCBA for passing out 500 postcards at MicroCon the other weekend!
  • Thanks most of all to all the artists who made the box and the event possible!
  • Also, thanks to whoever I am forgetting to thank that I should be thanking… please remember to kick me in the balls.

Unsold art and filthy lucre will need to be picked up from Altered Esthetics at some point after May 31. We’ll keep you posted when we have more info.

The Super Secret Last Jam of the Year in San Francisco CA

The fine folks of the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco met one last tine this last Thursday to Comic Jam a bit before the new year arrives. The Jam was last minuet and not publicized due to the busy week we (I) was having…so sorry to anyone in our group who missed it.

The Jam was low key and fun and we have photos (on Flickr) to prove it. These were taken by my friend Adam Abrams who is visiting from Vancouver Canada. Enjoy.