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24 HCBD 2009 San Francisco update

Hey all, with 24 Hour Comic Book Day just three days away, I wanted to encourage folks in the area to come and out and visit the artist as they are hard at work. We are close to having a full house of artist at both locations, so it should be a pretty amazing year for drawing comics with very little sleep. Below is all the information on how to either a) Visit in person or b) Visit virtually

Saturday October 3, 2009 – Sunday October 4, 2009 from 11:00am Saturday – 11:00am Sunday

Both stores will be open for business the entire time!

First off, we would like to THANK our sponsors….

Self Edge http://www.selfedge.com/
North Beach Pizza http://northbeachpizza.com/
RoboGames http://robogames.net/
Ritual Roasters http://www.ritualroasters.com/
Anthony’s Cookies http://www.anthonyscookies.com



(in-person and virtual)

Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cartoonistSF (thanks Romy)

Blog: https://www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/conspire/?cat=6 (Brian and Doc)


location: Mission: Comics & Art
3520 20th ST. STE B
San Francisco, California 94110

Twitter: http://twitter.com/missioncomics

Blog: http://blog.missioncomicsandart.com/

Live Video Feed: (thanks to Doc Pop) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/doctor-popular-does-stuff


location: Comic Outpost
San Francisco, California 94127

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheComicOutpost

Blogger: http://comicoutpost.blogspot.com

Live Video Feed: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-comic-outpost-live!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/San-Francisco-CA/Comic-Outpost/89701400231?sid=a59cf5bbd9a4ff8da7c45819834932a3&ref=s

AND the “Insane Zombie” sale

trade paperbacks/toys/back issues will be 50%

between the hours of 1:00 to 4:30 on Sunday October 4th!

We’ll see you on Saturday!

CCSF Thursday night Comic Jam in San Francisco – Sept 10, 2009

CCSF San Francisco comic jams

Hey hey hey you comic drawing folks…

it’s time for our regular Thursday night comic jam at the Church St. Café, (These jams run the Second and Last Thursday of every month and are easy to get to from public transportation.)

With 24 Hour Comic Book Day coming in a bit less then a month, maybe we could practice and talk about strategies for getting our comics done at the event. Or how about bringing your APE projects in and getting feed back.

The Jam runs from 6:30 on September 10th and all artist are invited to attend. So bring your favorite drawing tools and come on down and draw
a spell. Hey even better bring a friend or two!

Description: The San Francisco cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy meets twice a month from on the second and last Thursday of the month from 6:30-10PM
location: Church St. Cafe. 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94114

Getting there: I have started a thread on the Google group that we can post ideas on getting to the Jam on MUNI, BART and driving/parking. There is not driving/parking info yet since I do not do that, so if you have some knowledge please go and add it.


Read: Sing! Dance! Wrestle! from the CCSF

CCSF San Francisco comic jams

Well, it’s been a while since your artist pals in San Francisco uploaded some comics for you to read, but today we are going to change that.

This is the ‘Wrestling’ zine we created a few months ago. Artist teamed up and each was responsible for one of the characters and their actions. The process is very much like in 2D drawn animation where each artist/team handles one character only.

To read, click here to download the PDF>> ccsf wrestle zine(web)

And here is the awsome cover by Jaime Crespo

Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco wreastle zine cover

the CCSF presents CAM JAM #2 – Sunday August 16, 2009 – 11 to 4

The Cartoon Art Museum bookstore and the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco present:

CAM JAM #2: Once Upon a Time

Sunday August 16, 2009
Where: Cartoon Art Museum – San Francisco CA
When: 11am to 5pm

The Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco art group and the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore are proud to present the second Comic Book Art Jam at the Cartoon Art Museum (CAM JAM). The event invites artist of all levels into the Museum’s lobby to create sequential art (i.e. Comics!) and to push their creativity.

Our Goal: To draw complete short comic book stories between 11am and 4pm, then to get them printed at the copy store nearby so artist can take them home.
NOTE: The price per-book cost will not be determined until we know what the final page count is.

Space: There is room for at least 18 artists, but no one will be turned away and every effort will be made to find space.

Optional Theme: Once Upon a Time.

In honor of one of the museums newest exhibit ‘Once Upon a Dream – the Art of Sleeping Beauty’ the theme will be Fairy Tales. Of course who knows if the Three Bears had superpowers or if Hansel and Gretel were secret agents?

Cost: The event is FREE and will be held in the Museums Lobby. All artists who participate in the Jam will get free admission to get into the Museum as well.

Goodie Bag: The CAM bookstore will also offer goodie bags for a $2.00 donation that will include: a bottle of water, sweet treats, ‘mood’ pencil, 15% off coupon, raffle ticket and other surprises.


11 am – Museum Opens. Bring your comics, portfolio and favorite drawing tools on down and come ready to create.

Warm-up art challenge: To get ready to draw we will have a warm-up art challenge. Inspired by the by the evil fairy Maleficent who is seen in the current exhibit ‘Once Upon a Dream: the art of Sleeping Beauty’ our challenge will be to draw OUR interpretations of the great Disney animated villains. The artwork will be posted in the bookstore afterward and everyone (including the museum guests) can vote on their favorite and the winner will be picked at 4pm. Also, with the artists permission the art will be displayed both in the store as well as used for a Halloween window display.

11:45 am – Let’s get started!

We will regroup into teams of 2-3 artists to create a variety of different art jam collaboration through out the day with a goal to finish our comics by the end of the day.

Lunch Break: Artist can take a break whenever they want with a bag check available at the front desk. The CCSF and Cartoon Art Museum are not responsible for the loss of items.


3:30 pm – The home stretch to finish our stories by 4 pm.

4 pm – PENCILS UP! Time to stop.

– Members of the CCSF will take the artwork and run it over to a local copy shop to produce some books which (hopefully) will be ready by 5pm at the latest. (See 5pm.)

– We will count up the votes for the Warm-up Art challenge and Contest and pick a winner. You do not have to be present to win.

– Network, Chat and Clean up.

5pm – Mini comics of the days work will be available to the artist at the cost of printing. (We might require the help to assemble the books.)

– After jam drinks and snack at a nearby establishment.

Legal stuff…
*By participating in the Comic Jam you give permission for the CCSF to post your work on-line and to print a one time run of books to be sold to the participating artist at-cost. Extra copies will be sold to the general public as fundraising for the Cartoon Art Museum and CCSF.


If you think you will be joining us, why not drop us an email so we can get an idea of the number of people attending. Email organizer Brian Kolm at theatomicbear@gmail.com with your RSVP and/or questions too.

Cartoonist Conspiracy website: http://www.cartoonistconspiracy.com
Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/cartoonist-conspiracy-sf?hl=en&pli=1
Twitter Updates: http://twitter.com/cartoonistSF/
Facebook: look us up as Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco

Cartoon Art Museum: http://www.cartoonart.org
CAM Bookstore Twitter: http://twitter.com/CAMBookstore
CAM Twitter: http://twitter.com/cartoonart
CAM Bookstore on Facebook: friend Sparky Joe
CAM on Facebook: search for Cartoon Art Museum

CAM JAM #1 2009
CAM JAM #1 2009

CCSF Jam in San Francisco – August 28th, 2008

Well tomorrow is the second comic Jam in San Francisco for August 2008, will you come and draw with us. We expect a good turn out even though some of our group is at Burning Man.

The Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco meets every SECOND and LAST Thursday of the month from 6:30 pm till about 9/10 pm and artist of all skill levels and talents are invited to come on out and draw with us. So grab your favorite drawing tools and join the fun.

WHERE: We meet at the Church Street Café at 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94114.

WHEN: 6:30 pm to 9/10 pm

TRANSPORTATION: We encourage you to take public transportation if at all possible since parking can be hard to find.

— From BART on Market St.: 1) You can take the above ground F line going away from the embarcaradero twords the Castro neighborhood. 2) Take the K,L,M on the Underground Muni and get off at the Church St. Station 3) take the J underground and get off at the first stop above ground, next to the big Safeway store or the next stop which is past the café 4) Take the other underground lines and get off at the first outside station which is only two or so block from the café.

Visit http://www.511.org/ to get the full details on how to get to the JAM.