Albert Lea gallery show for Midwest Comics


In Albert Lea, MN I was offered a gallery room to organize a show. I think it would be quite the delight if some of us could contribute to it.

If you are in the Minneapolis NE area, Tim Sievert ( who has a book “That Salty Air” coming out with Top Shelf in November, has volunteered to be your convenient delivery-man to bring your comic art down to Max’s Albert Lea Comics Show when he drives down on the 21st.

The show is open to the public and will last from August 2nd or so to August 30th, with an opening on the 5th. More information and a press release will appear soon. Bring two of your favorite black and white pages of comic art (as in, with panels in it, preferably) mounted or unmounted as your preference to Tim before the 21st, probably to Puny office/studio behind Diamond’s coffee shop … like early next Friday at the latest.

I might be mounting some of your stuff on black foamcore before the show if I have time, but probably not. If you miss Tim’s drive and still can’t find that darling page, you could just snail it to me. Let me know if you want to be in the show and I’ll give you the “postal address!” But I think I want to make up little mini-comic style brochures or something, too. So ideally, I know you’re contributing before the last week of July.

Oh, and please include information about yourself and the pages on some sort of paper! Everyone will be curious what your stuff is about and I want to label stuff correctly, including the name of the work, the page numbers, what the story is about or what magazine it was for, etc. An artist statement or something wouldn’t be bad either for the little ‘guide to the show’ I’ll be making.

Would anyone be able to get something of Eric’s and his permission if he is interested?

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