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Lor’Avvu — New ongoing series by local artist Maxeem

Hello fellow cartoonists! I am finally tip-toeing into the world of web comics.

I am not abandoning The Civil Four (Casey and I are actually working on issues 5 and 6 right now, and those will be paper printed because it fits the book) but I am starting something else — I did my take on epic space opera (Ex Novo Libris) and this will be a less tongue-in-cheek epic fantasy comic. It’s a web comic with interspersed animations and collaborations from musicians:

Meet Avvu!

external Avvu PNG image clickable space age hyperlink

Avvu is an intersexed hero on a large Earth-like planet undergoing a vast war between its three main genders (female, lale, male), and naturally the main character wants to stop the gender war but has to spend a lifetime of adventures learning the lessons on just how to do so … or whether ze can do it at all! We begin the story outside the story, on Earth, listening to a couple of old creative grandparents begin the tale for their village kids.

Grandma and Grandpa are promising magic, adventure, unique races (the main race is basically a fairy people) and unique languages particular to the world. I am putting a lot of effort into making it rewarding for people who spend time exploring it, but quality enough to just entertain the eyes. So please feel free to read it casually or in-depth. (It is at and also accessible from Current chapter is updated every Tuesday. And you have my word on that. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it but I estimate about 10 to 20 years.

Cartoonist Conspiracy SF CAM-JAM Animation Art Jam on May 22, 2011 at the Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco is co-hosting a third year of CAM-JAM events with the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore. The event is on Sunday May 22, 2011 from 11am to 5pm and the theme will be… ANIMATION.

Yes, you heard that right! Our challenge will be to produce 30 seconds of DIY animation goodness that will use technology and old school art skills together to make something cool. We will have stations to do: Flipbooks, Wipe Board Animation and Sketchbook Animation.

The technique that is most intriguing is the Sketchbook Animation inspired by the short film Nosy Bear. The technique is to draw all the art for a couple seconds of animation in your sketchbook which is then composited on the computer into a short video.

The sample in this technique used in our trailer below was drawn on 4 pages of art on 8.5″x11″ card stock in about 2.5 hours and then about 2 to 2.5 hours scanning and compositing the work together. Here are the results…

CAM-JAM 2011- No1 Animation Jam – Sunday May 22, 2011 at the Cartoon Art Museum from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

So come on out and join a bunch of crazy cartoonist and make some animation. Artist of all levels are welcome.
The final work will be posted here on my blog after the event.

On May 22, 2011 the Cartoonist Conspiracy San Francisco and the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore will be kicking off the third year of CAM-JAM’s, cartoonist collaboration events. The CAM-JAM’s have tried different themes in the past such as Tikis and Samurais, but this time we will go with something a bit more challenging…Animation. With a mix of old school drawing goodness and desk top video technology we will attempt to collaborate and create 30 seconds of animation within the length of the event from 11am to 5pm.

Will you come and join us?

When: Sunday May 22, 2011
11am to 5pm
Where: Cartoon Art Museum – 655 Mission St San Francisco CA
Cost: FREE for participating artists
What to bring: Sketchbook and any drawing tools that you like. There will be materials available to use at the event, but it’s always fun to share how you like to draw with your fellow artists.

The event will feature…

– Wipe Board animation – filmed with a digital camera and stop motion software artist will create animation by drawing on that office favorite the wipe board.
– Flipbooks
– “sketchbook” animation – inspired by the technique used on the short film animated “Nosy Bear” created with small drawings on a few pages of a sketchbook that are then composite digitally.
– Samples of animation by local artists
– Prizes
– Networking
– Treats
– Fun

Our hope is that cartoonist and artist of all caliber will join in the fun and help create animation on-the-spot.

To sign-up ahead of time, email the Cartoon Art Museum bookstore at or sign-in the day of the event at the front desk

BONUS: ANY ARTIST who shows their sketchbook on the day of the event will receive 10% off their purchase in the museum bookstore. Note: a few items are not applicable for discount.

For more information or questions contact:
Brian Kolm from the Cartoonist Conpiracy –
Heather at the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore –


Art School Summer US Premiere

Conspirators Dave and Mary Sandberg have completed a feature length cartoon, Art School Summer, which is having its US premiere in Minneapolis on the 12th! Bill Plympton is the only other animator I’m aware of that has made feature length animated films basically on his own (although their probably have been some others), so big congratulations to them on this amazing and rare accomplishment.

Art School Summer
Saturday Jan 12th at 7:30
Premiering at:
2501 Stevens Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
In the big auditorium 150

The screening is free but seating might be in short supply.

Note that my understanding is that the film contains a whole lotta content that is not suitable for people under 18… so if you are under 18, please don’t try to attend. If you are 18 or over, you won’t want to miss it.

There will be a reception afterwards in NE… information on that at the event.