A.L. Show Art Pick-Up

Thanks to everyone for helping to make “Panel, Line and Letter” (The Albert Lea comic art show) a big success.

I have returned the art to the Big Time Attic space with the great help of some quick footwork from Kevin. If you’d like to pick up your work, please call Big Time Attic during office hours and see if they are in, so you can pick up your great stuff.

By the way, Will Dinski’s ‘effenheimer’ was revealed at some point by a bold patriot of the arts, and so it seems censorship just got a little dimmer and a little weaker in old A.L. Another triumph brought to us by comics!!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. It was truly a great show and received countless compliments from strangers and visitors. At some point, I may scan and post the pamphlet that I made and which eased in many of those foreign to the comic world with the help of some interesting descriptions of the artists.

One thought on “A.L. Show Art Pick-Up

  1. Yep, lots of beautiful art just waiting to be picked up. Call Zander or me at: 612-521-7423 and then come by:
    1618 Central Ave NE #216, Mpls, MN 55413 (above Diamond’s).

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