CALL TO ARTISTS: a tribute/benefit anthology for Eric Lappegard

Fellow cartoonist, cyclist, and all around wonderful person Eric Lappegard passed away on July 23rd, 2007 from complications after a car accident that had left him paralyzed earlier this month. Eric was a charming fella, full of passion and enthusiasm, and talented as hell. Please take the time to check out some of his wonderful comics and get a glimpse of what we’ve lost.

Eric’s several communities of friends here in Minneapolis are putting together a day-long benefit/celebration of the life of Eric on SEPTEMBER 8th, 2007 which will include an “Alley Cat” bike race, an art show at Altered Esthetics gallery(, silent auction, music, and more. All money will go towards Eric’s parents to help pay for the remaining hospital bills, etc.

We here at the Cartoonists Conspiracy are doing our part by putting together an anthology and the art show- AND THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN!

The anthology we are now accepting submissions for is to be called: “ALLEY CAT: CATS ON BIKES(with Ninjas) a tribute to Eric Lappegard”

The anthology’s themes and your submissions are encouraged to be as wild and varied as Eric’s interests(cats, bikes, ninjas, veganism, beer, or ANY COMBINATION THEREOF!).


1) Contributions of one or two pages of comics/pin-ups. The book will be BLACK AND WHITE.
The DEADLINE is AUGUST 15th, 2007. PERIOD!

2) In addition to the book we will be auctioning off ALL the original art in the name of Eric. We must insist in order to contribute, you must be willing to have your original auctioned off.

3) The final size of the book will be the mini-comic “standard” of 8.5″x5.5″.
Your image will fit a 8″x5″ area. Think proportionately!

4) Kevin and Zander Cannon of BIG TIME ATTIC have graciously offered to scan any art work not submitted via email or disk. (and in fact, unless you live outside the MPLS/ST PAUL area, I think they’d prefer to scan to keep a consistency.)

Their offices are located at: Big Time Attic 1618 Central Ave NE, Suite 216 Minneapolis, MN 55413 (ph) 612-521-7423 (fx) 612-605-9216

4.5) For outlanders– Scanned images must be at 300DPI greyscale or 800DPI B&W We encourage you to pre-size to 8″x5″. They can be emailed to: Kevin at

5) All orginal art must also be dropped-off/recieved via mail to BIG TIME ATTIC at the above address by the Friday, August 31st.

6) All contributors WILL receive a copy of the anthology, but we ask you consider either buying more anthologys/drinks/original art/prints at the tribute party since all money goes to Eric’s parents to pay for medical bills, etc.

Also we strongly encourage donations directly via:
Account of Eric Lappegard Voyager Bank 500 Marschall Road Shakopee, MN 55379

So there you have it! Get that ink to paper and get it to us as soon as you can. Any questions can be address to any of the below emails. Also, PLEASE forward this to any and all cartoonist friends/associates you have. And thank you!

Steven Stwalley– Steven at
Kevin Cannon– Kevin at
Danno Klonowski– staplegenius at

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