Muscles and Fights Volume 2 Looking For Submissions (Deadline September 1)

The MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 2: MUSCLIER & FIGHTIER anthology is currently looking for submissions. The first volume is great, and has been getting a lot of favorable press… here’s the info:

We would like to invite you to be part of what is sure to be the most memorable clashing of fists and steel since gladiators were led into the Coliseum to meet their end.

After a successful first volume of Muscles & Fights, we’re ready to do it all over again, with even greater anticipation of turn-out.

If you would like us to consider your submission, simply contact us through our website or send an Email to budburgy at or amadosaurus at

The deadline for Muscles & Fights volume 2 is September 1, 2007.


Your submission should be 6.625” x 10.25”, black & white (grey scale is considered black & white) with quarter inch borders on all sides… No Bleeds.

You should have 10 pages of story + 1 biopage (in total 11 pages!) that includes an image (illustration or photo) that represents you. The bio page is meant to promote or tell about yourself, so include any info you would like that pertains to that (example: website, name, contact, etc.). Keep this loosely designed, because we will be coming up with a layout to make them all consistent.

Each persons story will begin on the left hand page as you look at the book. Keep this in mind if you need your pages to be opposite of each other for any reason.

We accept two types of digital submissions, via Email or a mailed CD. In either case, the submission MUST adhere to the following:

300 dpi. Flattened .pdf (or .tiff). File names should indicate the name of your story and page numbers, for example; sasquatchmeetsabominalbot_m&f2_page1.tif. Mail your CD to the address below or Email your files to:

budburgy at or amadosaurus at

Mailing address: 1930 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN, 55105

All submissions must contain muscles and/or fights. How you wish to communicate those elements is where the fun comes in.

Some blurbs about the first volume of Muscles and Fights:

“Good idea, excellently executed. Great stuff.”
– Mike Everleth, Bad Lit

“This meal of a book left me fully satisfied and I think Burgy & Rodriguez have stumbled onto not only a concept that is rich enough for another installment, but a great way to showcase some extremely talented artists and writers.”
-Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“Muscles & Fights is an action packed extravaganza, that is full of the bravado that true macho men crave!”
-Jose Cabrera aka Crying Macho Man

The deadline for Muscles & Fights volume 2 is September 1, 2007
The release date for Muscles & Fights volume 2 is: October 6th, 2007

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