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March 7000 BC Meeting

Sunday, March 9 | 2:00 | Winning Coffee Company and Brickyard Pizza | Albuquerque, NM

The next 7000 BC meeting will be Sunday, March 9 at Winning Coffee Company at 111 Harvard Dr SE at 2:00 in the afternoon. We’ll be working on a jam and discussing conventions, education programs, and ideas for a new anthology. Around 5:00, the meeting will move around the corner to Brickyard Pizza at 2216 Central for dinner.

Send an email with any questions. New members and interested folks are always welcome

Inspiration: some artist blogs

First off in the one and only Paul Pope:

From a link on the Pope blog, Toby Cypress who is doing some amazing comic work and art: I love this Robot Fighter painting.

Todd Klein, Comic letterer and colorist. He has lots of great posts about logos, design, color and the like:

all work is © the artist mentioned and used with out permission.

Minneapolis JAM this Thursday

This just in from the front:

The Minneapolis Cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy(cell #0001) will be holding their 63th consecutive monthly jam comics meeting this Thursday–March 6th–at Diamonds Coffee Shop from 6:30pm to 10-ish pm.

Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

1618 Central Avenue NE

Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota

We draw jam comics. Eat delicious yummies provided by BIG TIME ATTIC(Thanks Cannons!).

Occasionally we talk. We even sporadically go out for drinks afterwards.

Good times had by most.