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Cartozia Tales Kickstarter — now with more rewards!


A Kickstarter campaign is underway for Cartozia Tales, an all-ages fantasy series based on a collaboratively-created map. The comics in the anthology are filled with imaginative creatures, memorable characters, secret messages and fantastical landscapes. It has been incredibly fun to work on, and the contributors’ enthusiasm really shows in the final product. Our regular contributors are Sarah Becan, Lucy Bellwood, Isaac Cates, Shawn Cheng, Tom Motley, Mike Wenthe, Jen Vaughn and me, Lupi. Each issue also contains stories by FABULOUS GUEST ARTISTS, including Dylan Horrocks, Jon Lewis, James Kochalka, Adam Koford, Kevin Cannon, and more.

The vicuñicorn: invented by Adam Koford, named by Mike Wenthe, and drawn by me.

Read more about the project, our process, and the guest artists we have lined up for the next couple issues.

For a pledge of only $28, you can get a full color 8×10 print of one of our covers or promo images.

For $36, you get an original custom watercolor portrait on a trading card from ME!

Also, digital subscriptions are now being offered as a reward, for those of you who don’t want to pay for shipping, or don’t have a lot of room on your shelves for books. Great option for readers outside the U.S.!

Pre-order Cartozia Tales

For the last few months, I have been lucky enough to work on Cartozia Tales, an awesome new indy comics project.

Cartozia is a quirky fantasy world created collaboratively by a group of cartoonists with runaway imaginations. Each issue will contain 9 all-ages stories set in different sectors of a map (see below; art by Sarah Becan). You can read more about the process and the contributors at cartozia.com.

Pre-order the first issue or sign up for a 10 issue subscription, and get Cartozia delivered to your door!