We’re a little less than 2 months from the MARCH 15th deadline to submit comics and art for the 3rd LUTEFISK SUSHI, to be held at ALTERED ESTHETICS in May (during ART-A-WHIRL!).

A reminder of what you need to do in order to particiapte:

1) You must live in Minnesota.

2) You must provide us with 160 copies of your comic. Not 161, not 159, not 2,364. 160.

Your mini-comic canbe no larger than 5.5″ x 8.5″, or it won’t fit. It can be any format and length.

Please only submit one title, as space is limited.

3) You must matte, frame, or otherwise make presentable and hangable any originals you intend to have displayed.
If you don’t do this we will not hang your work… frames can be purchased cheaply easily enough at thrift stores and other places.
It is not required that you display originals, but it is encouraged.
Submitting multiple peices is encouraged, be know we may not have space for everything.
Put your name and the price of the piece on the back of the piece (note when pricing that the gallery gets 30% of the sales price).
All art SHOULD be priced to sell.

4) You must submit everything by no later than March15, 2008.

5) You must include the form at the bottom of this call with your submission(You’ll have to highlight and print off).
Submissions without forms will not be included in the show.
There is also an ADDITIONAL submission form for the gallery you will have to fill out when
you drop off your comics/original art at BIG TIME ATTIC.

6) You may submit up to 20 other comics you’ve previously done to be sold at the gallery during the show. They MUST have your name and a price clearly visable. Please also include a little placard with the comics title/your name/ price.

7) Every participant will receive a bento box.

You must show up on opening night to pick up your BentoBox, or you must make other arrangements before thenif you plan on getting one.

8) You must pick up your remaining original artwork,unsold comics and money (if any) at the end of the show. Any money or artwork not picked up by the artists will be kept by the gallery to do with as theyplease.

9) While it is not required, your assistance would be greatly appreciated collating the Bento Boxes at the collating party. We will also be looking for many volunteers to hang out and draw jam comics during art-a-whirl. You’re also encouraged to suggest and organize other related activities for the month.

We intend to include in the box all submissions thatmeet ALL these criteria.

Please read the criteriacarefully before submitting, as it takes a LOT of ourtime and resources to go back and hassle people foritems they are missing.

Entries not meeting ALL of the above criteria will NOT be included in the box.

First come, first served, so get your submissions in early.

Profits from the originals and comics will be split with the artists and gallery 70 (artists)-30(gallery).
Profits from the Bento Boxes will go first to reimburse our miscellaneous production expenses,and then to the gallery (which is a wonderfulnon-profit organization we are thrilled to be involvedwith).

Lutefisk Sushi Volume C is being sponsored andorganized by The International Cartoonist Conspiracy(, Altered Esthetics( and Big Time Attic(




Phone Number:

Email Address:

Name of the work you are submitting to the Bento Box:

Indicate prices of any originals included here (and onthe backs of the originals):

Indicate prices and titles of any comics you are selling here (and on the books.. also include a folded 3×5 card with the name and price of each book you aregiving us to sell):

I am aware that The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, Big Time Attic, and Altered Ethetics donot insure or agree to be responsible for any theft,damage, or loss of any article. I freely choose toexhibit in Altered Esthetics and I agree to accept anyand all loss, theft, or damage resulting directly orindirectly from registrant’s participation in theseactivities. In return for the benefits I will receive fromparticipation, I agree to not sue or to hold theorganizers, their directors, officers, employees,agents, and volunteers responsible for any loss,theft, or damage connected with registrant’sparticipation in the exhibition.

Send this form along with your submissions to:
1618 Central Ave. NE Suite 216
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 521-7423

Questions? Contact Danno at staplegenius at

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