Not the complete awesome experience some make it out to be(I’m looking in your direction aintitcool), but a great time at the theatre nonetheless.

It was like THE MIST without the emotional attachment that made my soul ill afterward, but it very much pleased my inner Grand Theft Auto Demon.

Granted, both my wife and daughter got motion sickness from the BLAIRWITCH-cam, but I think can only adds to the rollercoaster that is the JJ AB-sperience CLOVERFIELD.

Now…if KEN AVIDOR will only do a comic about a giant multi-limbed beast that destroys Washington DC called “KLOVERCHAR”…

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  1. Avidor January 21st, 2008 10:16 am


    I just scripted “Danno vs Godzilla”.

    It’s going to feature some other familiar cartoonist conspirators… stay tuned.

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