Oh Yeah…COMICS!!!

Since David Steinlicht(allsmall.net) foolishly encouraged me (danno) to write more film reviews for the site, I’m going to keep that up (fortunatly, I don’t hit the first-run theatre that often).

David however remembered the site is called CARTOONISTconspiracy.com and actually made a comic inspired by the SWEENEY TODD review below.

Enjoy Davids cartoon at allsmall.net

Also, be sure to check out the book “Seed Queen: The Story of Crop Art and the Amazing Lillian Colton” by Colleen Sheehy that David did the cover for.
He also does cartoons and designs for some newspaper for some city no one cares about.

3 thoughts on “Oh Yeah…COMICS!!!

  1. Hah! Danno, you were spotted at a St. Paul Conspiracy jam meeting! You have shown your true colors, traitor!

    Oh, wait, so was I. Never mind!

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