SWEENEY TODD–Bloody…well, bloody.

So, given the choice X-MAS morning of seeing SWEENEY TODD with my wife and daughter, or going to ALIENSvsPREDATOR 2 by myself, I sucked-up my hatred for musicals and relied on my love of Tim Burton/Depp/Etc and saw Sweeney.

Hindsight being 20/20, I should have saw the space monsters.

SWEENEY had playful musical numbers that bored me to tears, and more gallons of fake blood than a after-school club for vampire lovers.

Speaking of vampires, I knew I was in trouble when a third of the way in, Sasha “Borat” Cohens awesome turn as an Italian uber-barber was upstaged–in my mind– by a cameo from Anthony Stewart “GILES from Buffy” Head. Head had one line. And I was more excited by that one line than anything else in the movie.

I should note, if you’re a goth, its practically porn, so….hope you’re goth!

I could be wrong about Burtons labor of love, but I think I’m right in saying that drop for bloody drop SWEENEY TODD has little to offer entertainment-wise to the masses.
Or as my wife put it-
“I really liked that…but i NEVER need to see it again.”

One thought on “SWEENEY TODD–Bloody…well, bloody.

  1. Sweeny? AVPR? Feh. Gimmie the Christmas cinema gift Persepolis!

    (Even though it’s not playing in my neighborhood…)

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