The Spot On Fair is this weekend and it should be fun… It is part of the Spot On: The Art of Zines and Graphic Novels gallery show that has been there since April 9th (and has recieved some favorable reviews) Many conspirators are participating. There will be a conspiracy table (as well as tables for many other cartoonists and zine makers) where any conspirator can bring comics to sell, and we’ll attempt to manage it (Please put prices on the cover of anything you want to sell, and give us a sheet with the price of the books and the number of copies you’re leaving with us… we absolutely will not deal with your books if you do not do this, unless you talk us into it). We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen books.

This is also intended to be a trading festival, so regardless of whether you have something to sell, bring comics and zines to trade to people for their comics and zines.

Here is the schedule:


Saturday June 11 (10-5)

10-12 Family Day – Zines

Construct your own zine with Alec Mueller – comic artist and By Design graduate.

1-2:30 Craft of Cartooning: Tips and tricks from Cartoonists

Kirk Anderson
Ken Avidor
Andrey Feldysteyn
Shad Petosky
Andy Singer

3-4:30 Cartoonists and their influences

Ken Avidor
Andrey Feldysteyn
Steven Stwalley

Sunday June 12 (12-5)

1-2:30 Tom Cassidy

3-4:30 Mini-Comics: the Art of Making Comic Books by Hand

Bob Lipski
Doug McNamara
Danno Oschendorf
Quillan Roe

Shad Petosky
and Rana Raeuchle will also be participating in some of the panels… I imagine some other folks may join in as well.

Thanks much to Big Brain Comics for donating the table for the Conspiracy… Big Brain, if you didn’t already know, is just a half a block away from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, who is hosting the fair, and houses one of the most amazing masses of comic literature you’ll ever see in one place. Thanks also to Book Arts and Jeff Rathermel for concieving and organizing this event.

The Minnesota Center For Book Arts (MCBA)
(at the Open Book)
1011 Washington Ave. South
Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Hope to see you there!

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