You Could be a Featured Conspirator

I’ve added some banner rotators to the site… you can see one on the top of the right column on this page, under the heading “FEATURED CONSPIRATORS.” The one at the right is intended to feature cartoonists and their projects. It starts on a random banner and then slowly goes through all of them. I made 8 banners to start out with (the first 8 sites that came to my mind). The rest of them are up to you guys… this space is free to any conspirators. I’ll post pretty much any banner you send me for your comic projects on the web, limited to 2 per conspirator (unless you talk me into posting more). Just send me the url you want it to link to and the artwork you want to use at 175 x 100 pixels. It may take me a while to get them up, but they’ll be there sooner or later. I’m probably going to post the source files for the banner rotators at some point so you can all make use of them on your own sites, if this sort of thing appeals to you… I’ll have to clean up the code and make them a little easier to reuse first.

2 thoughts on “You Could be a Featured Conspirator

  1. Groovy, where do I email too? I have the banner and link. I just need a way!


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