3 Conspirators in new 24 Hour Comics Anthology

Congratulations to the brothers Cannon and Quillan Roe on their inclusion in the new 24 Hour Comics anthology… a total of 24 cartoonists are included in the anthology, chosen out of hundreds of entries from around the world. Great work fellas!


“Kevin Cannon delves into adventure on the high seas (created at the Cartoonist Conspiracy event)”

“Quillan Roe brings a walk to the page (created at the Cartoonist Conspiracy event)”

“Zander Cannon, known for his work on Top Ten and The Replacement God, has an unusual take on the private eye (created at the Cartoonist Conspiracy event)”

Nat Gertler also notes on the blog:

“One interesting note: most of the selections were created by females. The traditional view of cartooning as a male-dominated interest is certainly being challenged by this new generation.”

We’ve also had a lot more women showing up at the Conspiracy meetings lately… this is a really great trend. It is nice to see that comics are no longer alienating half of the population.

“The book is slated to ship in October. If you saw last year’s book, the format is basically the same: 496 pages, conveniently sized (5.5″x7.75″) paperback, for $24.95.”

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