Panel on Anthologies at the CAM Creators’ Group Meeting: Tuesday, January 23, 7-9pm

The Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco is having there next Creators Meeting on Tuesday Jan 23 (tomorrow).

CAM Creators’ Group Meeting: Tuesday, January 23, 7-9pm

The next Cartoon Art Museum Creators’ Group Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 23 from 7pm to 9pm. The subject of this month’s meeting is Anthologies. Confirmed guest speakers so far include:

Shaenon Garrity, editor of, contributor to multiple Friends of Lulu anthologies
Justin Hall, contributor to Boy Trouble, True Porn and other anthologies
Shannon O’Leary, editor of Pet Noir
Nate Orman, editor of The MadHappys
(with one or two more to be added shortly)

The Cartoon Art Museum hosts Creators’ Group meetings of local cartoonists four to six times a year, featuring guest speakers on a variety of topics ranging from self-publishing and self-promotion to tax advice and grant writing.

These meetings are open to comic creators of all skill levels, and represent an opportunity for artists in the Bay Area to meet and interact with others in the creative community. Past topics of discussion include preparation for conventions, webcomics, tax advice for cartoonists and animation. The suggested donation for these meetings is $3.

To receive more information about these meetings and other events for local cartoonists, please e-mail Cartoon Art Museum Gallery Manager Andrew Farago at

These events are put together by Andrew Farago who also has a new on-line strip: The Chronicles of William Bazillion

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