Kramer’s Ergot Gallery Show in St. Paul this Month!

Ahhg! And I’m gonna miss the opening! It should be a great show… info here.

Kramers Ergot

January 28 – February 25, 2007

Opening Reception:
Saturday January 27, 2007

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Art Speigelman says of Kramers Ergot: “If there’s a future for comics, Kramers Ergot seems to have bottled it. The first really new paradigm for an avant-garde comix anthology since RAW. A lavish package where the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts!”

Having published the sixth volume in 2006, Kramers Ergot continues to exist in a unique cultural spot where narrative, comics, contemporary art and the avant-garde collide. This exhibition features a selection of artists from the acclaimed comic art collection.

Sammy Harkham, the editor and founder of Kramers Ergot will be present at the opening reception. The opening reception will also feature a music performance by New York band Ambergris, accompanied by the ritual unrolling of a 19th century music video (a large scroll).

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