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In the thirteenth episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI talks with MN cartoonist MAXEEM about the MCAD comic program, the (dis)functions of society, and what it really means to be alive…what it ALL REALLY MEANS really really really!!! (AFTERLIFE SPOILER ALERT)

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.

Need A Little Help From My Friends

Hello Everyone!

Jon Sloan here!  I have been asked to be the Comics Guest of Honor at MarsCon, one of the fan run Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions in the Minneapolis Metro area (You can find out more at  To this end I need to devote a LOT of my time to getting things ready for this convention.

I am asking any and all people who would be interested if they would like to submit a guest strip for my webcomic: .  The strips don’t have to have anything to do with my current storyline, but just any type of light-hearted sillyness that involves martial arts and ninjas.  My webcomic has what would be considered a “G” to “PG” rating to it, just to let you know what framework to keep your material in.

WHEN?:  I am hoping to post the guest strips between January 16th through March 2nd, 2012.

HOW MANY?:   I am in need of a total of 14 guest strips.

HOW DO I SUBMIT A GUEST STRIP?:  Please send an e-mail with an attachment of your strip to  I will accept JPEGs and PSD’s.  If you need to hand off a hard copy, please contact my through my e-mail address and hopefully we can work out an arrangement to get it delivered in time.  If you are a member of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy members, you should be able to get the work to me at one of the jams at Diamond’s Coffee Cafe or Cahoots.

WHEN?:  Preferably before January 15, 2012.

SIZE?:  My published strips are roughly 8.5 X 11 inches.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?:  I will link to your site as well as pass along information about your past and current work (which will be information I will need as well as your submission) when I post your guest spot.  I am all for maintaining community and networking for my fellow cartoonists/comics artists, and this will provide a way (even if it might be small) to spread the word about your work and where people can find it.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Holiday Season, and Best Wishes for Success and Prosperity in 2012!

Jon Sloan

R.I.P. Joe Simon

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in their studio at wo...

Image via Wikipedia

Sorry to hear that Joe Simon has passed away yesterday…

The Co-Creator of Captain America, among others, he was a great creative who managed to leave a lasting impression on the industry (despite Martin Goodman's trickery on he & Kirby during the early Captain America disputes).

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In the twelfth episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI talks with MN cartoonist ERIK NELSON about how becoming a father has changed his perspective on his art, plumbing, and why people in Boston will kill you just as soon as look at you.  See a Dickies commercial featuring Erik hard at work as both a cartoonist and a plumber here.

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.

Mpls. Sat. Open Studio, Dec. 17, noon to 4 p.m.

[Artist elf]

December — the month that is booked solid. Still, there will be an Open Studio.

Join your fellow cartoonists to draw and chat at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. This month, we’ll be at the high tables, just a little past the store. There’s a coffee shop in the building for sandwiches, snacks and beverages. Plus free, slow (but free!) coffee-shop wi-fi.

Saturday, Dec. 17, from noon until 4 p.m., MCBA Bindery (high tables)

This is an open studio — all are welcome.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Open Book building
(Just down the street from Big Brain Comics)
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-215-2520

Future Sat. Open Studios:
January 14 — Bindery (high tables)
February 18 — Flexi space (low tables)
March 10 — Flexi space (low tables)
April 14 — Flexi space (low tables)

Saint Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam on December 15!!

Join the St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Cell and create a jam comic at Cahoots Coffee! This locale provides us with not only a spacious room in the back of the shop, but also they have tasty mediterranean food for sale!

The jamming is easy and it’s a fun time! Just bring some drawing utensils, an idea for the jam, and a few bucks to get a tasty beverage or some chow — don’t forget to tip, the baristas really do appreciate that!

The jam will start promptly at 6:30 and run until 10:30 at the latest. Come earlier to reserve your space! Seating can be limited at times!

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to draw with us, and the results will be posted here at some date yet to be determined.

To join us come to:
Cahoots Coffee
1562 Selby Ave
St Paul, MN 55104
(Southeast corner of Snelling and Selby)

More not than often we head on over to grab a brew at:
O’Gara’s Bar and Grill
164 Snelling Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104
(Right next to Cahoots!)

Bus info here.

Lutefisk Sushi Podcast ep 11: “GAME SHOW TIME!” @ the Nordeast Comics Summit!

In the eleventh episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined again by KEVIN CANNON to introduce this months NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT : “Game Show Time”.  That’s right, to celebrate the end of the year (and the ninth anniversary of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy), Kevin and Conspiracy Grand Poo-bah Steve Stwalley put on a game show with an interactive Jeopardy-style game board, mind-bending questions about both local and national comics and cartoonists, and honest-to-goodness valuable prizes!  All were asked to show up early and put their name into a hat.  Steve (as you’ll hear) drew the names randomly and two teams of three players were selected.  Lets meet the fierce competitors, shall we:

TEAM GREEN: Nicholas Straight, episode 6 guest Lupi McGinty, and Zander Cannon

TEAM YELLOW:  Episode 2 guest Athena Currier, Danno Klonowski (I know, I know. I assure it was random!), and Timothy Foss

There were also five 30 second “DRAW” rounds where all six player had to draw the same thing. The audience then voted for the best (teams) drawing.  Here are the winners (you’ll have to listen to find out which team they belong to):

The next Nordeast Comics Summit will be on JANUARY 5th, from 6-6:30 at Big Time Attic: 1618 Central Ave NE, Ste. 216, MPLS, MN 55413

(Thanks to Rob Stenzinger for the header photo and Alex Arbit for the team photos!)

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.

1st Conspire! AV Meet-up & the 2nd One In December…




Some of the drawings from the 1st Conspire! Antelope Valley monthly meetup…


Looking forward to trying out some jam-comics & more creative fun at the next meetup!  Thanks to everyone who showed up to the 1st Conspire AV hang-out.


Although the pizza at Nick’s was amazing, for other reasons of conducive environment, etc., the next Conspire Comic-Creative night will be at Kathy’s Kafe on Milling & Cedar in Lancaster, on December 22, 2011 at about 7pm.



Also, remember to check out our own section on the Cartoonist Conspiracy Message Board here: …Any input or feedback will be much better than a 1 or 2 person spit-wad war from across the table…


Much thanks to Steven at Conspiracy-proper for getting us all official-like 😉


Thanks guys & I hope to see you on the 22nd! 🙂

Minneapolis Jam: December 2011

Summary: Steven Stwalley and I put together what we believe was the FIRST EVER comics-themed game show. Contestants were picked out of a hat a la “The Price is Right” and questions — which ranged from general knowledge about local creators to high level thinking about whether this character from the forties could beat up that other character from the forties — were structured like Jeopardy. But the highlight of the night was the DRAW! section where our six contestants were given thirty seconds in which to draw the likeness of a random cartoon character. The audience was tasked with choosing the winner, and believe me, they had talons out in full force last night. The three winners walked home with gift cards to The Source, and the losers received a consolation prize of gift cards to Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe, which they hopefully spent during the post-game jam.

Photo: Rob Stenzinger via Twitter

Coming up next!:
JAN. 5: Kevin Cannon, “Photoshop Boot Camp” – PS basics with an emphasis on scanning & coloring for comics.
FEB. 2: Nick Straight & Kevin Cannon, “InDesign Boot Camp” – ID basics with an emphasis on making print-ready comics and exporting pdfs.
MAR. 1: Adrean Clark, “Getting Rich in the Ebook Gold Rush: A Mining Kit for Comic Artists”
APR. 5: Jamie Schumacher, “Tips for Organizing Groups, from Comic Book Clubs to the Next Marvel”
MAY 3: Gordon McAlpin, “Illustrator Boot Camp” – Making digital comics & using digital lettering.
If there’s a topic you’d like to see or even lead yourself, contact me at nordeastcomics [at] The next available date is June 7, 2012.

Follow us on Twitter! handle: NORDEASTCOMICS

Nine. That’s how many years ago a small band of cartoonists braved the Minnesota winter to draw jam comics at a corner table in the Spyhouse in South Minneapolis. Oh far we’ve come. Actually, not really. It’s still a big group of (mostly) guys who show up and draw with their heads down for several hours. But tack onto that a series of gallery and museum shows in collaboration with Creative Electric, Altered Esthetics, and the MN Museum of American Art, and appearances at shows like Fallcon, Springcon, and the Rain Taxi Book Festival, and it’s been a helluva near-decade. So to commemorate the birthday, the ICC presents:


Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a nearly decades-old 8.6 mb!

Please enjoy.