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The Report from New Mexico’s 24 Hour Comics Day

We had a couple great 24 Hour Comics Day events here in New Mexico, at True Believers Comics and Gallery in Santa Fe and Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque. Around 22 participants over the course of the event in Santa Fe, 19 in Albuquerque.

Below a few photos (click for larger). There are plenty more at our posts (listed below) to the 24 Hour Comics Day blog; and James, who couldn’t join us, worked from home in Los Alamos and blogged about his experience.

Thanks to Chris and Danny at True Believers, and to Darby, Susan, Don, Jimmy, Kathy Meidel, and Scott Owen at Harwood; to Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe’s, Upper Crust Pizza , RB Winning Coffee Company, and Einstein Bros. Bagels for their gracious food donations; to Nat and the rest of the organizers; and to all our participants.

We’re still trying to figure out an efficient way to scan all the pages, so hopefully we’ll have a digital collection posted here sometime soon.


Santa Fe posts to the 24 Hour Comics Day blog: Santa Fe Starts; Santa Fe, Still Going; Santa Fe: One Down; Cutest 24 Hour Comics Day Post Ever; Sunset in Santa Fe; Dinnertime and Beyond in Santa Fe; Morning in Santa Fe; Two More Completed in Santa Fe; More Completions in Santa Fe; Wrapped up in Santa Fe

Albuquerque posts to the 24 Hour Comics Day blog: 12:00PM Draw Albuquerque New Mexico!; Hour 6 Albuquerque; Hour 12 in Albuquerque; Courtny Finishes with her 24 hour comic Mother; Hour 18 Albuquerque; Albuquerque Nick completes his 24 hour comic at 8:45AM; Belated Albuquerque Wrap Post

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San Francisco Comic Jam – Thursday October 25th 2007

OH NO…time for San Francisco Cell’s bi-monthly jam, Thursday October 25th, 2007.

We will be starting a new comic this session, so come and draw with us. Any level of artist is welcome to grab their favorite drawing tools and come on out and join us an another Comic Safari.

When: Thu, Oct 25, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (NOTE the side bar calendar might be off)
Where: Church St. Cafe
Description: The San Francisco cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy meets twice a month from on the second and last Thursday of the month from 6-10PM at Church St. Cafe. Church St. Cafe 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Transit info for San Francisco can be found here:

Here is where we are:

View Larger Map

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24 Hour Comics Day Minneapolis Coverage

I just wanted to note that if you are reading this blog, you will not automatically receive event coverage of the Minneapolis event which happened this weekend… and David Steinlicht did a phenomenal job covering it, so I really encourage you to check it out.

Thanks much to David for foregoing drawing to blog on our behalves… thanks much to Danno for organizing the event and talking me into doing it for the fourth year in a row… thanks to our extremely generous sponsors The Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Big Brain Comics, Wet Paint, Pizza Luce, and Grumpy’s for sponsoring this again this year… and, of course, thanks to everyone who participated.

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24 Hour Comics Day Publicity in New Mexico

It’s been a good week for getting out the word about comics, making comics, and 24 Hour Comics Day in New Mexico.

Chris from True Believers and Jett were guests on Santa Fe Radio Cafe on KSFR on Wednesday morning, talking about comics and the event. The MP3 is available here

7000 BC is featured prominently in this week’s comic feature in The Alibi, Albuquerque’s alternative newsweekly. There’s an article on the group, a look at some of our comics, and piece about 24 Hour Comics Day.

Update: the second letter talks about 7000 BC’s predecessor. Kathy Dee, if you see this, please send us an email.

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24 Hour Comics Day Minneapolis Banner

Here’s a banner for the Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy cell’s blog to cover our local exploits during the international 24 Hour Comic Day event this weekend. I encourage all you participants out there to put it on your websites, and go check out the blog by clicking the banner, if you haven’t already.

You can subscribe to the Twin Cities event blog here.

Here is the international event site for 24 hour comics day.

Here is the group blog for the international 24 hour comics day event.

You can subscribe to the international event blog here.

Thanks much to David Steinlicht for blogging for us during the event!

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How to survive 24-Hour Comics Day

Kevin Cannon’s tips for surviving 24-hour Comics Day — and coming out the other end with 24 pages of comics! A must-read if you’re going to attempt it.

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Inaugural St. Paul Conspiracy Cell Jam

You see, the resident Conspirators of Pig’s Eye; Kevin McCarthy, Bud Burgy, and Daniel J. Olson are lazy. We’d rather create our own cell in St. Paul that meets somewhere around the intersection of Snelling Avenue and Selby Avenue than travel ten miles to Minneapolis. In fact, we’ve done just that! EVERY THIRD THURSDAY from 6:30PM – 9:30PM we will be meeting at:

Cosmic’s Coffee
189 N. Snelling Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Though highly unlikely, should the St. Paul cell swell beyond its three “framers,” the meetings will move across the street to:

O’Gara’s Bar & Grill
164 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55104

All cartoonists are welcome to join. Yes, that includes Minneapolitans and suburbanites. All you need to bring is your utensils, a passion for creating comics, and perhaps a few bucks for a cup o’ joe!

This first meeting is set for Thursday, OCTOBER 18, 2007, providing an ideal opportunity to start getting caffeinated for the 24-Hour Comic Challenge two days later. Unless the prospect of free pool proves too distracting, there should be a jam comic in the offing.

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October NCWCCC Meeting and Sinister Bedfellows Exhibition

The October Meeting of the North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch will be held at Padgett Station in Carborro, NC on Saturday, October 20th from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. The North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch is a monthly gathering of webcomic and comic creators from central North Carolina. It provides a real life social network for webcomic and comic creators within central NC. The purpose of the meetings is to make contacts, exchange marketing ideas, discuss work ethics and creative processes, and most importantly just hang out.

Please stay for Sinister Bedfellows: the exhibition, an exhibit of Larry “mckenzee” Holderfield’s photographic works. The reception will also be at Padgett Station on the same day from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

NWCCC website:
Sinister Bedfellows:
Padgett Station:

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24 HOUR newsletter with PIZZA and BLOGGING UPDATE!!!

Greetings future tired cartoonist!!!
24 HOUR COMICS DAY is almost here.
October 20th, 2007

1) BIG NEWS: MASSIVE NUMBERS Its our fourth year of doing 24 HOUR COMICS DAY here in Minneapolis, and its beginning to look like we could have close to(or over) 100 participants! “How is that possible?” you may ask. Well, there will be TWO LOCATIONS doing 24 HOUR COMICS this year.
That’s right! In addition to our usual BIG BRAIN/CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY sponsored site at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS, there will also be an MCAD-sponsored event for MCAD students, faculty, and alumni at (surprise!) MCAD. Both sights already each have 30 to 40 or more participants ready to go, and history has shown that number continues to grow right up until 10am on the 20th.
There will also be some time-constrained people trying their hand at a 8-12 hour comic.(We’ll get’em up to 24 by next year.)

2) MORE BIG NEWS: MINI-COMICS BOX SET 2007 With so many people taking the 24 HOUR CHALLENGE this year, its almost mandated we once again do a box set of mini-comics collecting the books that will be done on the 20th. AND SO WE SHALL!!! Yes, there is no better way to celebrate having finished(or nobly attempting) the 24 HOUR COMICS challenge than to print-up some mini-comics and throw’em in box so all the participants can see what everyone accomplished.
Box sets will probably be assembled during the December meeting of the CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY at DIAMONDS COFFEE SHOP, so this year there will be plenty of time to rest-up and get your books printed. (We will have more specific info on this around and after 24 HOUR DAY itself).
And NO, you DO NOT need to print-up books for the 24 HOUR box sets in order to participate in 24 HOUR COMICS DAY itself. But be aware, there will be scorn.

PIZZA LUCE will be providing a midnight treat for us again in exchange for us doing a comic for them. Pretty awesome deal, huh?!
Please bring a buck or two to throw in for a massive tip to their driver.

4) The BIG BRAIN/CONSPIRACY site-specific info

A) Address/Start TimeMinnesota Center for Book Arts is located inthe Open Book Building in downtown Minneapolis
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Start time is 10am.
Please arrive between 9:15-9:45 in order to sign in and set up.

B) WET PAINTOnce again WET PAINT of St Paul will be setting up a small shop during the event.They will run from 11am to 2pm.
This is your chance to load up much needed supplies like brush pens, refills, pencils, pens, brushes, paper, ink, rulers, WHATEVER!They said they’d also once again try to get us some freebies.
Wet Paint is so awesome to us.
(NOTE: Since the event start an hour before Wet Paint “opens”, be sure to have some minimal supplies with you so you don’t waste a precious hour. But PLEASE remember Wet Paint will be there. We love having them on our side.)

A refillable bottle is probably the best way to go.
Nothing is worse than dehydration.
Well…some things are worse…but BRING WATER!!!

Our addition last year of a POTLUCK SNACK TABLE was an great success and, I think, appreciated and munched-on by all. So lets do it again.
**BEVERAGES( juice, soda, or beer. Yes, beer. Avidor wants to bring beer. Heck, I’m all for it. We can’t turn this into a kegger by any means, but if a couple of you want to buy brew, why not? Note: If you are underage, DO NOT drink one. You WILL be KICKED OUT!)
** HEALTHY CHOICES (fruit, vegetables, granola bars, etc)
* * am I really explaining snacks? ….sorry. You get the idea.


David Steinlicht will be blogging for us.
Please link to your website:

There is free parking in the BOOK ARTS lot that usually fills up pretty fast, but empties out as the day goes on.
Theres also 25 cent an hour meters on 3rd(the block behind BOOK ARTS that runs parallel to Washington) and theres a $2 pay-lot at Grumpys. The Grumpys one is iffy because the could get weird if there is a game at the dome or something.
ALSO—a good idea is to carpool.
ALSO ALSO—a better idea is to get someone to drop you off/pick you up. Its not advisable to drive after being up 24+ hours straight, but I do it every year so who am I to talk.
ALSO ALSO ALSO–buses and bikes work too.

That should be all.If you actually read this far, I thank you.You’re probably the only one.
–danno, Conspiracy Events

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Soapy the Chicken is Back.

Click the image above to see the latest strip.

See the Soapy the Chicken archives here.

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