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Whole Lotta Scanning Goin’ On Part 6

Our posting of the missing jams is now resuming (three more big jams and many miscellaneous pages remain to post)… Here’s the sixth big jam… I believe this one is from April 2006 (although it may have been the June one… someone please confirm)… click the image to grab the low-res, reader’s pdf.

The themes are “Tales from the Vatican Vault” and “Country Music.”


The Amazing Screw-On Head

The Amazing Screw-On Head pilot episode is now online, and it is fantastic:

Don’t miss it!

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Home for Hoboes

The 700 Hoboes project previously mentioned on this blog a number of times has a lovely new home…

Over 400 hobo drawings have been submitted to the project at this point. You can still participate if you’re interested. The project has been mentioned a number of times on the popular blog, and is a good way to get your stuff seen by tons of people (I’m sure it will be mentioned again at the project’s completion).

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New Cartoonist Conspiracy Feeds

I’ve just set it up so you can subscribe to feeds for two of the items you see on the right side of the blog (in addition to the main blog posts, like this one), the Upcoming Events list and the Calls For Submissions.

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In the midst of the SF 24 Hour Comic Day

So, we started with ten cartoonists at 5:45 pm all crammed into Craig’s apartment.

At about 7pm we moved our get together to Muddy Waters to meet join the normal Cartoonist Conspiracy get together (which consisted of ; Jeff Plotkin). That’s were we started losing people, sore backs, not enough sleep, yadda yadda. So it looks like there are 6 of us going the full 24, one of those is only focusing on a 7 page project, so… yeah.

Brian is doing something about a Fairy that gets lost in the city.

Tanya is doing a 7 page web comic about Jack and Daxter.

Craig (with a K) is doing a “space opera” comic. He doesn’t like to talk about it though.

Rio is trying a stream of conscious comic.. It has a roach in it.

I’m doing a 1001 Arabian Nights type comic…


24 Hour Comic Book Challenges happening RIGHT NOW in San Francisco, CA

It started at 5:45 pm…Members of the San Francisco Cell are, right now, working to complete a 24 Hour Comic Book challenge. That is 24 pages in 24 hours.

The group started in a private residence but moved to Muddy Waters in the Castro district. There the artist plugged away at their stories, stopping only to drink coffee and pastries.

At 11pm they kicked the group out and then ……..

Stay tuned to find out more from the folks drawing right now, poster here on the blog.

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Comic-Con 2006 ROLL CALL! (one week to go)

SDCC is only a week away. Time to print out your comics and update your portfolio. Because on July 19,2006 thousands of talented artist and writers, fan boys and girls, actors and directors, and all sorts of other sorts will converge in San Diego. Are you going? Why not let us know and we can add you to the


Space Sheriff & Happy Space Boy (aka Justin Cermak) – no location given yet – – MN Cell
Beyond the Great Chimney (
Atomic Bear Press/Brian Kolm) – CAM table – – SF Cell – E11
Big Time Attic (c/o of Zander Cannon) – Minneapolis Cell
– you??
– your friend??

If you are Cartoonist Conspiracy member going to SDCC06 and want to let others know, all over the world, why not post here. Just add a new comment with: your name(s), imprint, book title(s), location at the con, and which cell your part of. We will gradually move the info above and delete the comment.

This is a great opportunity to bring together members from all over the US into one (very very hot) location.


Whole Lotta Scanning Goin On Part 5

Here’s the fifth big jam… this one is from March 2006… click the image to grab the low-res, reader’s pdf. Again around 2MB.

Only one topic this March… in solidarity with our Danish cartooning comrades I bring you “Fun With Fundamentalism.”

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Whole Lotta Scanning Goin’ On Part 4

Here’s the fourth big jam… this one is from February 2006… click the image to grab the low-res, reader’s pdf. This one is just over 2MB.

The themes for this month were “Süperman Vs. Albert Einstein” and “People I’ll Never Sleep With.”)

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24 Hour Comic Jam

This Thursday at 5pm, a group of 4 San Francisco Cartoonists will start a 24 hour comic jam. Similar to the super big mega official 24 Hour Comic Day that happens every year, except locally organized.

We have two people signed up for sure, and would like to host two more local cartoonists for the marathon, anyone interested can contact

This even will not supersede the October 7th 24 Hour Comic day event at Last Gasp Publishing, but is just something to tide some of us over until then.


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