In the midst of the SF 24 Hour Comic Day

So, we started with ten cartoonists at 5:45 pm all crammed into Craig’s apartment.

At about 7pm we moved our get together to Muddy Waters to meet join the normal Cartoonist Conspiracy get together (which consisted of ; Jeff Plotkin). That’s were we started losing people, sore backs, not enough sleep, yadda yadda. So it looks like there are 6 of us going the full 24, one of those is only focusing on a 7 page project, so… yeah.

Brian is doing something about a Fairy that gets lost in the city.

Tanya is doing a 7 page web comic about Jack and Daxter.

Craig (with a K) is doing a “space opera” comic. He doesn’t like to talk about it though.

Rio is trying a stream of conscious comic.. It has a roach in it.

I’m doing a 1001 Arabian Nights type comic…

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  1. Brian July 14th, 2006 7:57 am

    Hey Keep up the good work. Go for it! Woo woo woo! Ya.

    I am looking forward to seeing it all.

  2. David Steinlicht July 14th, 2006 2:13 pm

    Sore backs? Not enough sleep? Too many pages? General crankyness? Hey, that’s what the 24-hour comic experience is all about! Go, cartoonists, go!

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