24 Hour Comic Jam

This Thursday at 5pm, a group of 4 San Francisco Cartoonists will start a 24 hour comic jam. Similar to the super big mega official 24 Hour Comic Day that happens every year, except locally organized.

We have two people signed up for sure, and would like to host two more local cartoonists for the marathon, anyone interested can contact Doc@doctorpopular.com

This even will not supersede the October 7th 24 Hour Comic day event at Last Gasp Publishing, but is just something to tide some of us over until then.

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  1. mrmonkey23 July 10th, 2006 8:27 pm

    That’s a great idea… good luck! I look forward to reading the results.

  2. Anonymous July 11th, 2006 7:08 am

    24 Hour Comics Day event at Last Gasp? That’d be cool, but it is the first I’m hearing of it. They should check out what it takes to get on the official site list (likely nothing they aren’t already doing!) so that I can publicize ’em!

    –Nat, 24 Hour Comics Day organizer

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