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It was not easy to do… they have traveled thousands of miles through rugged terrain, and over an ocean, and at great peril… but the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, “The Cartoonist’s Best Friend” is now available in the Twin Cities. The casualties were regrettable, but we no longer have to rely on the black market to acquire the legendary brush pen, which, in addition to being the ultimate inking tool also cures warts, works as a dowsing tool, and can be used to control weaker minds. Thanks much to Tim at Wet Paint Art for making the effort to get us a supply of these difficult to find pens in town… Tim is also putting together an email list for cartoonists & other artists to keep them posted on art supply sales at Wet Paint, so if you’re interested, email him and let him know… email tim at… only using @ instead of at with no spaces.

ADDED 5/3: I just heard from Tim that the pens are selling at Wet Paint currently for a very reasonable $18… he is still researching finding a steady supplier so he will hopefully be able to bring the price down further.

24 Hour Comic Day Freebies

You may be wondering what we have sponsors for, so here is the scoop…

Big Brain Comics and The Minnesota Center For Book Arts are both generously providing us with space to work in… a lot of it. In addition, Big Brain will be providing some food. Michael Drivas from Big Brain and Jeff Rathermel from Book Arts have both generously offered to stay up with us too… thanks guys!

Wet Paint Art will be giving us a lot of art supplies to use (you will still want to bring your own, however, to make sure you’re covered). Tim from Wet Paint Art (who will be participating in the event) tells me participants will be provided with a bag containing:

– a Copic brush pigment liner (black) & Copic SP refillable .2mm pen (very
nice pen!)
– sample bluelined Manga bristol sheets from Copic
– Staedtler 5-pen set of black pigment liners, various points
– a group of Sakura pens with a variety of points and colors
– sample Strathmore 500 professional bristol sheets and swatchbook from
– Wet Paint newsletter & comics supplies flyer

Big Time Attic’s Zander Cannon provided the poster for the event, and BTA’s Shad Petosky will be covering the event live on the web. The brothers Cannon will both be participating.

Grumpy’s Bar will be providing us with some of their delicious food stuffs… if you have never tried deep fried macaroni and cheese, this could be your chance!

We just had two new sponsors sign on for the 24 Hour Comics event in Minneapolis today. Pizza Luce’ has offered to give us some pizzas, and Dunn Bros Coffee has offered to give us some coffee to keep us going (both pizza and coffee will be arriving in the evening on Saturday sometime).

Thanks much to all our sponsors for their efforts and generosity.

Nine Panel Shuffle

I was thinking this may appeal to the same sorts of people that 24 Hour Comics Day appeals to…

“Nine Panel Shuffle” is a new free Flash tool I’ve built for cartoonists to use. Using Flash, it takes nine panels and places them in a random order in a nine panel grid. It includes a “shuffle” button which rearranges the panels in a different random order. You can see it in action here.

Think of it as the comics equivalent of poetic structures like limericks or haiku… inherently limited, following a defined structure, but potentially interesting within those limitations.

I intend to have a section of the Conspiracy site that will showcase Nine Panel Shuffles built by different cartoonists. If you decide to pursue a Nine Panel Shuffle, please let me know where your work gets published, so I can link to it… if you have nowhere to publish it on the web, you can probably talk me into posting it for you too.

Roll Call for 24 Hour Comics Day Minneapolis

Here’s who’s in at this point (in the order they signed up, with an asterik next to those who are in for their second year)… we may end up with a few more stragglers…

Quillan Roe
*David Steinlicht
*Danno Ochsendorf
Nathan Lauster
Troy Cummings
David Wolter
Carl Nelson
*Sean Tenhoff
Tone Redmon
*Ken Avidor
Phil Redmon
Scott Williams
*Kevin Cannon
Zander Cannon
Tim Jennen
Dan Frye
Gail Catheryn
Andy Devore
*Adam Wirtzfeld
Shane Stevenson
*Steven Stwalley

That would be 21 noble fools. Three more and we have one for every hour.

Shad Petosky will also be returning in his role as intrepid reporter on the scene.

Write Up in Skyway News

The Conspiracy just got a great write up in Skyway News.


“There’s so much energy and passion in that group,” he (Nick Post of The Source) said. “The storytelling and the variety of topics that they tackle are just amazing. To watch them work makes me want to pick up a pen and piece of paper. They just have to get something out. That’s how they feel, like they’re nine and a half months pregnant all the time.”

24 Hour Comics Box

Last year, the participants in the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic Day event took their completed comics and published them the Sunday after the event in an almost 200 page book (the first time any of us read them all was in book form).

This year, we’re thinking of taking a different approach.

Using the “box full of mini-comics” format we used in the Lutefisk Sushi show last September, we plan to have interested participants contribute copies of a mini-comic of their completed 24 hour comic to collate into a limited edition box set.

Doing this is easier than you might think (although doing it on the tight timeline we are hoping to do it in is NOT easy).

You can order blank boxes online here:

We will be getting this one for our project:

Here are a couple other good inexpensive options:

For a box cover, you could silkscreen it, use a sticker, or use a rubber stamp.

Here is our plan:

1. Each person who participates in the box MUST complete the full 24 pages. Besides the comics completed within the 24 hours, noble failures will also be accepted.

2. Each box participant must print up 100 copies of their comic by 1:30 PM Sunday and deliver them to a location to be announced. That gives you 4 hours from the end of 24 Hour Comics Day to get them printed and delivered. Yikes.

3. Each participant must sign all their comics.

4. Every participant must help collate the boxes, starting at 1:30PM Sunday. We’re all going to be loopy as hell, so we’ll have to double check the collated boxes.

5. Participants are encouraged to join us at MicroCon to sell boxes as soon as they are collated on Sunday, assuming we finish in time. Microcon closes at 4:00PM.

6. Each participant will be able to buy copies at cost (which will be cheap… they should be under fifty cents each). The number each person will be able to purchase will be limited, and will depend on how many people participate.

7. Leftover copies, if there are any after participants buy their copies, will be sold. Out of the 100 copies, at least 10 will be sold at Big Brain, and at least 10 will be sold elsewhere (probably Microcon if we make it in time).

8. Any profits made will go into the hosting costs of the Cartoonist Conspiracy website.

Groups around the country participating in 24 Hour Comics Day are encouraged to imitate this method. It is a great, fairly simple way to give participants a cool memento of the event.

(Participants in the event should note that participation in the box is not required)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or post them on the board.