Nine Panel Shuffle

I was thinking this may appeal to the same sorts of people that 24 Hour Comics Day appeals to…

“Nine Panel Shuffle” is a new free Flash tool I’ve built for cartoonists to use. Using Flash, it takes nine panels and places them in a random order in a nine panel grid. It includes a “shuffle” button which rearranges the panels in a different random order. You can see it in action here.

Think of it as the comics equivalent of poetic structures like limericks or haiku… inherently limited, following a defined structure, but potentially interesting within those limitations.

I intend to have a section of the Conspiracy site that will showcase Nine Panel Shuffles built by different cartoonists. If you decide to pursue a Nine Panel Shuffle, please let me know where your work gets published, so I can link to it… if you have nowhere to publish it on the web, you can probably talk me into posting it for you too.

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